National Outdoor Leadership School and bears

NOLS defended by other wilderness experts. As well it should be. The quality of training I received there back in 1973 was superb and daughter Sarah reported the same back in 2007. I post this only because some parents may have doubts after the grizzly attack of last week. The only caveat, and it’s a minor one, is that i went through the course when I was twenty (as was Sarah, I think) – each kid is different, of course, but this is one tough thirty days, and I’d suggest twenty is a better age for it than, say, 16. Summer camp, it ain’t.


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2 responses to “National Outdoor Leadership School and bears

  1. Pinzgauer

    Can you image, going into the wilderness and actually encountering wild animals? The nerve of the Wilderness !
    Oh wait ….. it’s maybe stupid people exposing themselves and going were they shouldn’t?
    Nah … thats too logical. Let’s blame the animals instead.

  2. bc

    they do many other programs as well; kayaking though the gulf of Alaska, rock climbing in Colorado; mountaineering in Washington.