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Neither my kids nor any of my clients were alive when this went down

D. B. Cooper may finally be identified.  The 1971 hijacker, who almost certainly died when he jumped from the plane, might be identified this week.  Fascinating to me, but it does remind me of when I taught Kaplan LSAT courses:  I’d refer to Shakespeare*, authors who wrote before 1980 or even TV shows from the 1960’s and get blank looks. So it’s a different world. Still, I’m curious to see who this guy was – maybe my kids will be interested to learn his identity, if I can come up with a YouTube on him.

*old joke: Shakespeare would have been a great writer, if only he hadn’t used so many clichés.

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More spending, no cuts. Obummer wins

They’re claiming a trillion dollars in spending cuts. There’s not a single real dollar in there.


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This doesn’t seem right to me

Biden is charging the Secret Service rent for a cottage they occupy while protecting him. $2,200 a month so they can protect his family. It’s the principle, of course, but also the pettiness that offends me.


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The Jets give Plaxico Burress a second chance

They sign the receiver and each should gain. As someone who has received a couple of “second” chances, I’m all for people being allowed to restart their lives. Burress was dumb, no doubt, but he had a legal permit to carry a pistol in New Jersey – he shouldn’t have carried it into New York, granted, but his accidental firing injured himself and no one else. I think his 18 month sentence was outrageous, imposed solely because of who he was, rather than what he’d done.

That said, he’s done his time in prison, the NFL has reinstated him and now he’s a Jet. I wish him well.


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Who knew SUVs helped anyone, let alone developed reputations?

SUV known for helping others


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Where is Henry Kravis?

There’s a very short fellow roaming New York City, peering up women’s skirts and generally causing trouble. The one and only time I met Mr. Kravis I found him quite cordial and a true gentleman but he was er, rather short. He’s probably in the Hamptons but how many midgets are there in NYC? I’d at least check his alibi.


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They just don’t get it

There’s a dearth of volunteers for the “Big Brother” program and men are being blamed for lacking an “altruism gene”.  That’s not it.

As a lawyer, I read many decisions overturning child abuse allegations against men whose lives had been ruined, including spending years in prison, on specious charges brought by angry children, parents with a grudge and prosecutors on a mission. It’s certainly a fact that child abuse does exist and it’s a horrible thing – I’ve written here before of Ken Walker, a Maine Guide, who diddled young boys – I’d be tempted to shoot him were I to see him today for what he did to one of my friends. But would I volunteer to be a Big Brother and expose myself to the potential liability of a false claim of child abuse? Not on your life.


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