Where is Henry Kravis?

There’s a very short fellow roaming New York City, peering up women’s skirts and generally causing trouble. The one and only time I met Mr. Kravis I found him quite cordial and a true gentleman but he was er, rather short. He’s probably in the Hamptons but how many midgets are there in NYC? I’d at least check his alibi.


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11 responses to “Where is Henry Kravis?

  1. just_looking

    It sounds like you are jealous that the short guy pulled down better chicks than you did.

  2. Careful. Marie-Josée will clock you with her best left jab à la Wendi Deng if dis her man Henry.

  3. Greenwich Gal

    Somehow, I don’t think Henry has any problem finding interested ladies…

    • GG, the day I met him he’d landed at a hunt club in a Sikorsky helicopter, estimated cost of $22 million (that was probably not counting the solid gold ashtrays the pilot told me it was equipped with) and yes, he was accompanied by an extremely beautiful companion. I rather doubted she’d be interested in me so I drove home alone in my Honda, without ever making a play. Smart move, eh?

  4. Greenwich Gal

    Wish I could have seen that – you and Henry, hanging out at the Hunt Club together.

    • Believe me, GG, we shook hands, exchanged pleasantries and he moved on, with no more memory of me than the fellow who served him coffee. I remember him but certainly not the other way around. Nice helicopter, though.

  5. napolean complex - never saw kravis smile

    greenwich high grad ned gilhuly finally left the kravis grip after realizing kravis would never retire. ned started his own fund with a friend and still lives in ca. his partner lives in gwich.

  6. Coronel Klink

    Kravis and Roy Cohen: The Glitter Twins?

  7. Greenwich Gal

    Well, if truth be known, Bloomberg is my favorite Jewish, midget, ego driven bilionaire.

  8. Mr. Independent

    Never met Henry, but his dad Ray was an incredibly great person. An oil & gas engineer of great integrity and a professional gentleman.