More spending, no cuts. Obummer wins

They’re claiming a trillion dollars in spending cuts. There’s not a single real dollar in there.


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14 responses to “More spending, no cuts. Obummer wins

  1. Anonymous

    The story was that Obama went with Biden in the last election because his supposed gravitas and foreign policy savvy would balance Obama’s callowness, but McCain/Palin were so unattractive to voters that Obama could have won the race with Al Franken as his running-mate. Next time Biden will bring nothing to the ticket. In fact, he has been nothing but an embarrassment to the White House. It’ll be interesting to see whether Obama sticks with this clown.

  2. dollarbill

    And just as I suspected, the Tea Party clowns are rebelling at slashing the Pentagon. Not a dime in defense cuts, they insist. Remember: the Tea Party, for all its blathering on about the imminent arrival of “socialism,” wants to increase spending on the one arm of government that is the most socialist of all: the US military, which offers cradle to grave pensions, universal health care, and is the most wasteful and corrupt in the US government. Are you listening all you tin foil Tea Party types who love to dress up in military garb? Your hypocrisy on cutting govt spending, but leaving the military a big fat blank check to wallow in their expensive pigpen, is driving our country into bankruptcy. Financing endless war and $million dollar toilet seats costs American taxpayers plenty, even though you would rather vent your spleen on immigrants and Medicaid recipients and commie liberals. I know this rant is falling on deaf ears with this crowd here, but maybe someone is listening: financing the Pentagon does not happen out of thin air. Pentagon spending is government spending too!! Show some degree of intellectual consistency Tea Party dimwits

    • Dollar Bill, I think we should cut the military budget at least, top of the head figure, 15% -The wise guys at at the Pentagon might then set their heads towards ending programs that pay $80 for a $1 pipe. Make them work. And if they do, then maybe a 25% cut is next..

  3. Roger Kaputnik

    I think American Express should cancel our Black Card. We are out of control with it.

  4. Anonymous

    how about cutting military bands, that would save like 500 million

  5. Anonymous

    CF, somehow my comment above re the Obama/Biden ticket, through some fault of my own, no doubt, was appended to the wrong thread. I intended to post it as a comment to the “This doesn’t seem right to me” thread to which it is more appropriate. Sorry.

  6. pulled up in OG

    Genghis Khan ruled the world from a tent. Somehow, we need ~800 overseas bases/facilities.

    $20 billion a year just to air condition those in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  7. just_looking

    Dollarbill is not wrong (it happens). The military needs to be reighned in, not just because of the debt problem, but because they have too much carte blanche.

  8. HG

    Dollar Bill is correct – we need to cut military spending. I am not convinced that all elements of the Tea Party are opposed (the Tea Party-like Ron Paul contingent are clearly in favor of cutting) but I agree with Dollar Bill that fiscal conservatives in general are too reluctant to cut the military.

  9. Peg

    I, too, agree that we could – and should have cuts in our military. I do believe we could have it strong yet save from what we’re spending.

    But I give big credit to the Tea Party people in general. We may go down the tubes anyway. Yet, without them, it would be a certainty!

  10. pulled up in OG

    Republicans ignore incompetence, bloat and corruption at the Pentagon

    “An analysis by the Heritage Foundation of Republican votes on defense spending found that Tea Party freshmen were even more likely than their Republican elders to vote against cutting any part of the military budget.”

    “U.S. military spending now exceeds the spending of all other countries combined.”

    Feeding the beast:

  11. Cal

    I don’t agree with every position he takes, but Ron Paul is the most honest, straight-talking person in politics today. He doesn’t have a chance of winning the Republican nomination…too bad.

  12. Spending cuts by President Obama —
    *First, achieved more cuts in Congress than Bush. 60% success rate compare to 17%
    *Cut salaries of senior White House aides.
    *Vetoed a cost of living adjustment in pay during fiscal year 2011 for Congress.
    *Eliminated F-22 fighter jet program after lobbying Senate to strip financing for more jets from a defense funding authorization bill.
    *Canceled contract for new Presidential helicopter fleet (28 helicopters, $11.2 billion).
    *Cracked down on tax cheats.
    *Cut the missile defense program and eliminated $1.4 billion in funding for it.
    *$400 billion in cuts for defense