The Jets give Plaxico Burress a second chance

They sign the receiver and each should gain. As someone who has received a couple of “second” chances, I’m all for people being allowed to restart their lives. Burress was dumb, no doubt, but he had a legal permit to carry a pistol in New Jersey – he shouldn’t have carried it into New York, granted, but his accidental firing injured himself and no one else. I think his 18 month sentence was outrageous, imposed solely because of who he was, rather than what he’d done.

That said, he’s done his time in prison, the NFL has reinstated him and now he’s a Jet. I wish him well.


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11 responses to “The Jets give Plaxico Burress a second chance

  1. Anonymous

    Outrageous sentence? I thought NYC had a mandatory minimum sentence of 3.5 years for possession of a loaded firearm without a permit in any of the boroughs?

    • But it isn’t enforced, Anonymous. Plaxico was singled out. I don’t defend his stupidity and illegal act, but I don’t think he deserved the punishment meted out. Still, it was certainly within the bounds of what the law demands. Again, I’m just happy that he may get another couple of years to make some money and, with some wisdom, retire with enough money to live on. He’s not a bad guy, just someone who made a stupid mistake, and as someone who’s been there, I just hope he does okay.

  2. My son, an avid Jets fan, was thrilled when Santonio Holmes was resigned. Now he’s doubly thrilled.

  3. Anonymous

    you mean the color of his skin. lindsay lohan chased a woman with her car – a deadly weapon – and she got nothing,,20051654,00.html

    but hey, selective enforcement of the law is a long tradition.

  4. Patriots Fan

    There is Benny and the Jets. There are the the Jets and the Sharks from West Side Story. But Jets that play football? I don’t think so.

  5. Cos Cob & Proud

    @Anonymous. ~~ forgive my stupidity — wtf do you bring race into the equation???

  6. Greenwich Gal

    Cos Cob – Anon was just saying that Plaxico got a raw deal, probably because he is a black NFL player and the law had to make a point as too many black urban types – for example that thug called P. Diddy, have been getting away flouting the gun laws. So – Plaxico was their example. Was he wrong? Yes. Was he stupid – yes. Did he deserve two years in the slammer? I don’t think so. Pretty high price if you ask me.
    So let’s hope Plaxico still has some of his God given talents left and Rex and the boys can turn him around, get his head straight and bring the Jets to the Superbowl. AND wipe that smirk off pretty boy Tom Brady’s face.

  7. Armonk

    I think he had an expired Florida license to carry. His NJ license was to own, but not to carry big difference, I lived and owned handguns in NJ and NOBODY gets a carry permit. Anyway, everyone knows that New York is a different state.

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be at a place where another patron is carrying a loaded and cocked handgun in their warmup pants.

    He had 2 choices: fight in court or plead guilty (which he clearly was) and go to jail. He made his decision.

    • No question, Armonk, and I don’t think it was about race. Still, had he been a rich, but obscure executive, I doubt he’d have done thirty days, let alone two years. But he certainly violated the law and got pretty much what the law demands. My point, once again, is just that I’m glad to see him get a second chance and an opportunity to make enough money to live on later in life. Besides, he’s an exciting player and I’m hopeful he’ll brighten up some otherwise cold, dark fall afternoons.

  8. Anonymous

    i just can’t help but think of plavix everytime i hear the guy’s name…. was his mother enthralled with pharmaceutical names at his birth?

  9. Founding Father

    How about Plexiglass?