This doesn’t seem right to me

Biden is charging the Secret Service rent for a cottage they occupy while protecting him. $2,200 a month so they can protect his family. It’s the principle, of course, but also the pettiness that offends me.


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7 responses to “This doesn’t seem right to me

  1. IDAHO

    Just Chump Change! Probably Saves us tax money over them renting somewhere else. What would you have him do?

  2. Anonymous

    The Clintons do the same thing,the amount of rent they charge the Secret Service is the same as their mortgage . So the American people are paying to protect them AND for the house they “live” in.

  3. anonymous2

    Come, come, CF. Did you really expect better from a public servant?

  4. Biden Again On Thin Ice

    Donate the proceeds to charity seems the right thing to do! Does he also right off the hair plugs too? I never had any respect for Biden. He was a plagerist. He holds many secrets since he has been around for so long. Obama could have done better than foot in mouth Biden.

  5. Anonymous

    Of course this is the guy who gave a total of $3,000 to charity OVER 10 YEARS! But’s let’s not point that out, as it would be “unpatriotic”

  6. Guess he wants to go out like Chris Dodd instead of Chris Shays.