Expired listings

The new month brings expired listings – 13 of them today, and I find it curious to see how many must not really have been for sale.

29 Beechcroft

29 Beechcroft, for instance, owned by a famous ex-basketball player, is a very nice house but was priced at $7.950 a year ago and never budged, despite the spec house next to it falling to foreclosure and still languishing on the market. I’d put this one in Zillow’s “make me move” category.

200 Stanwich, also a great house, did drop its price from $7.895 to $6.995 but that obviously wasn’t enough to make a difference, especially with construction going on next door. I can’t tell you what this owner once turned down but believe me, I’m sure he thinks of it every night.
156 Parsonage, assessed at $1.7 and priced at $3.950, is another home that never dropped a penny from its price. There are a lot of houses like this in our inventory, and I ignore them.
UPDATE: 29 Beechcroft is back now as a “new” listing, asking $7.4 million. Too little, too late, is my guess.

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