My question is, if they’ll steal $100, what would it take to bribe them?

Yet another TSA employee caught stealing. These people come cheap and thus probably offer zero protection. Right after we eliminate the Departments of Education and Energy, let’s lop off the TSA.


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5 responses to “My question is, if they’ll steal $100, what would it take to bribe them?

  1. Peeps

    This has been going on for years at many airports. I have had things stolen while traveling through airports.
    One time at DCA, I was taking the last flight back to HPN. I was in my twenties, and my father was so worried about me missing the flight at the end of the day that he took his watch off and put it on me. I didn’t want to wear it, but had taken it to shut him up. When I went through security screening, the machine beeped. The screener had me take the watch off and walk around through the gate again, while they put it in a basket and ran it through the x-ray machine. It never came out the other end. The screener kept saying that I had no watch to start with. I insisted that they stop the xray machine and look in it, but it was never found. In order to complain about it, I would have had to go to the main security office and fill out a form. I regret not having done it at the time, but I would have missed the last flight to HPN and had to work in the morning, so I didn’t. The screener was definitely a thief and we both knew it, but even if I had gone and filled out the form, she could have stashed it or passed it to a friend while I was doing all that. I remember staring at the watch strap’s imprint on my wrist all the way back on the flight. I did fill out the form later, but knew it was a futile waste of time. Unless a cop would have come and frisked the screener immediately, there was no way that she would have been caught. All the cop did was tell me to go to a faraway office and fill out a a form.
    The second time, when I got off a flight from the midwest to HPN, when I got my luggage off the luggage belt, it had a slit in the side. I opened it at the airport and immediately noticed my video camera was missing. I asked the airline to fill out a claim and they told me they couldn’t because they were all out of forms. When I went back a few days later, they told me that I should have reported it immediately and that you couldn’t fill out the form after the fact. I dropped the matter because I knew that I’d broken the video camera during that trip, anyway, but still it gave me a creepy feeling about the security of your possessions when flying.
    Crooked airport employees are nothing new.

  2. just_looking

    Protect and Serve?

  3. Cos Cobber

    And CF, what about the bad apples in the police and fire departments? Close up shop for them as well?

    I’m no fan of big government, but I do believe that the airport screening is working. Its hardly perfect, but it is keeping the lunatics from boarding a plane and creating absolute chaos. I cant imagine the craziness we would have without it. Just the other day my flight had several young men who fit the exact profile of the 9/11 perpetrators. Sure they could have duped the TSA to get on board, but its certainly more challenging to do so today than ever before and I do take some comfort in that. What’s the TSA costing the average flyer, an extra $5 per flight.

    Btw, do you think profiling would have picked up Abdoo who sought to attack Ft Hood?

  4. > Btw, do you think profiling would have picked up Abdoo who sought to attack Ft Hood?

    But Cos Cobber, it *was* profiling that caught Abdo before he allegedly managed to pull off a second Ft. Hood massacre. It is just incredible that 2 whole @#$@-ing years after the first massacre, that the government ignored repeated warnings about his behaviour and alleged disloyalty, until they got a warning from the very same gunshop that sold Nassar his weapon.

  5. Cos Cobber

    Jeff, my point really is that I dont trust the TSA or any like organization to successfully combat terrorism by profiling on a large scale like other smaller nations (Israel) have been able to do. If the TSA was to use profiling alone, I think the odds are pretty good that Abdo would have been able to board a plane.