Someone did well here

37 Will Merry Lane

37 Will Merry Lane – yeah, there’s the Merritt Parkway, yahdayahdayadha, but 2 acres, $1.2 million sale, assessment $1.8. That’s a decent deal.


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6 responses to “Someone did well here

  1. Anonymous

    zillow shows this property last sold in November of 2010 for 4+Mill — something seems askew?

  2. Anonymous

    Very unattractive 50 yr/o building. Maybe sold for land value? But I wouldn’t pay $1.2 for two acres hard by the Merritt no matter the town assessment. Yuck!

  3. Anonymous

    I’ve had occasion to drive through Will Merry Lane many times over the years, and there’s something that I’ve always disliked about it that I cannot quite put my finger on. Maybe it’s the name? Who the f*** was Will Merry anyways? (Probably some developer.) I couldn’t bear putting that name on my stationery.

  4. Anonymous

    CF, Trulia shows the same but with these added details:

    Date ——– Event————– Price———- Source
    11/22/2010 Sold close details $4,050,000 Public records
    – Recording Date 11/22/2010
    – Sale Price $4,050,000
    – Price Type Full amount stated on Document.
    – Transaction Type Purchase/Resale Arm’s Length Residential
    – Document Type Warranty Deed

    Hopefully that held the formatting but if not, feel free to delete the comment. 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    There seems to be no bottom for houses in compromised locations.