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Attention, Cobra

I  dropped off my copy of the history of the AK-47 at what I think is your address, with a note asking the recipient, if I had the address wrong, to either deliver it to you or to set the book and himself on fire. I haven’t heard of any self-immolation stories today so if you didn’t get the book, lock and load and go interview your neighbors. The bastard!


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Am I missing something here?

I just checked my email and someone is offering me one hundred pounds if I’ll directly link to their site, rather than just mention it, as I did a few weeks ago. That’s not how I run this blog, but geeze, with the real estate market being what it is, I’m beginning to wonder if a change in business plan isn’t in order. In the meantime, no link.


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It’s not really finger pointing, it’s how did we end up here?

Greenwich High School pollution mess deepens. Build a school on a swamp, fill it with toxic materials, cover it with artificial turf and you get problems. Who knew?


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Old Greenwich’s Clearview Capital gets nicked by $85,000 theft

Not their fault, of course. Your hire people you think you can trust and sometimes, they betray you. It happens.

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Kids, we keep telling you: don’t try this at home!

Swede arrested for trying to split atoms in his kitchen.


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But we insist that they sell it to the Chinese

New process for extracting oil from Alberta’s tar sands. The United States, of course, is barring a pipeline to get this oil, so China will buy it instead. What, we worry?

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On the other hand, this guy is even scarier than Rick Perry

Obama to run a campaign bus tour through the country, touting “job growth”. Perry thinks God can save this country, Obama thinks the federal government creates jobs. Take your pick: I think they’re both nuts.

Of the two, I’d prefer Perry because he’d help God out and buy a lottery ticket. Cut regulations and taxes and let private enterprise get back to work. Obummer? Forget it – he’s a pseudo academic so far in over his head that he doesn’t even know he’s drowning.


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