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Happy Birthday, OBummer

Dow drops 500, Obama does a little golf and a barbecue.


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I want one!

Multi-million-dollar Pentagon “Lightning gun” sold for scrap on EBay. Can’t quite figure out what I’d do with it, though – use it on a go kart?


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Fred DeCaro

I’d hate to see this buried in the Comments section when we have such a fine fellow in our midst. Of course, just wait until the First Bank of Greenwich records become public, but …

I  happened to be at il Polpo’s (rarely go there) the same day Freddie Jr was celebrating the opening of USA Bank. For once, Freddie, who mirrors his appearance after “It’s a Wonderful Life’s” Uncle Billy Bailey – confusedly thinking he’s a good banker – wasn’t wearing his usual sneakers with his three-piece suit. However, he was sporting the s**t-eating grin of a guy who had just grabbed the money and was running for the door. He gave me the goofiest hello and told me the news, and I remarked to my lunch partner that that was a bank that immediately wasn’t long for the world…

To his investors: my sincere apologies, but WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???

To his borrowers, especially to the ones who are complaining: shuddup already!! You’re part of the fraud too. You knew that NO other bank in the world, even Patriot, would have touched your deals with someone else’s 10-foot pole. Like that guy whose name escapes me, who with his dad had not just gotten a huge loan on the Byfield lane house, but two more houses! If you weren’t intentionally scamming, you shouldn’t be in the building business anyway.


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I can’t say who told me this

But a guy in charge of his company’s compliance with our country’s Corrupt Foreign Practices Act said he just couldn’t compete with the French, who operate under no such restrictions, who’d show up in Africa with “suitcases of cash and promises of white women”. Hee hee hee.


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Okay, I don’t have one of those four – screen Bloomberg set ups

But when I checked at 4:15, admittedly a half-hour behind times, the Dow was down 512 points. That can’t be good. I’m advising my clients to lower their outstanding  offers, if they still want to  buy at all.


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Dow’s down 300 points and no one is calling?

To be honest, I have no idea whether my buyer clients are still interested, but if I were a seller’s agent, I’d be reaching out. Maybe everyone’s in Nantucket?


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If there’s no real estate news, let’s discuss philosophy

Bubba Smith died yesterday. I loved his Miller – Lite ad : “I just collared the entire backfield and threw them out, one by one, until I found the one with the ball”, but the real quote, the one than most resonated with me, was ” Inside, I have to feel I’m the best but if I tell you that, I’m a fool”.

If you don’t feel you’re on top of the game, it’s time to find another game – I discovered that when what was then Baker Mackenzie (sp?) tore me apart at an arbitration hearing in 2001, using filthy tactics that I’d never dreamed of lawyers using, dirty tricks and technology I couldn’t duplicate. I’d never use their tactics and couldn’t afford their technology, had a decent book deal, so I quit and never looked back. But you have to think you’re the best at your game, as Bubba said, while acknowledging that you’re an idiot if you really, truly believe it. We’ll see how Tiger Woods does this weekend.


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I should be elk hunting in Wyoming

Absolutely nothing going on in the way of open houses of interest or sales. Would one of you please buy something with me so I can head out of town?


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Such a pity, but such a deal

409 Round Hill Road has sold for $1.3 million. Originally asked $2.495, this beautiful 1849 house was hammered by our FAR – you can’t add an inch to it, due to its one acre(ish) size in the four-acre zone. Wonderful house, great deal, but the seller was absolutely whacked by our zoning rules.


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But my kids got their best test scores ever!

Parents at Atlanta school defend principal, teachers, for cheating on students’ tests. A complete fraud, but what do you want, education or test results? In this world, go for the phony test results.


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