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In praise of Nixon

Not by me – in fact, I’m reminded again why I so hated the man – but here’s  a NYT Op-Ed article praising him as our most liberal president ever. Interesting.


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Sorry, but I find this unsettling

No political agenda claimed for that Texan religion rally. Fine, but I don’t think politicians should speak at such events. Christian, Muslim, Jewish, atheists, I want our politicians to speak for us all. 


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Funny how some teams just have a pitcher’s number

Red Sox clobber C.C. Sabathia, again. A great pitcher, obviously, but the Red Sox seem to nail him, almost every time they meet. But baseball’s funny like that – I can’t remember off the top of my head who keeps whaling on the Sox (the Detroit Tigers, maybe?) but it’s some team with a losing record that beats the Sox to a pulp whenever they play.

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Go karts in Greenwich

(Bumped, to honor the young intern, Nicole Narea, who turns out to have been writing these articles. Great writing, young lady, if that isn’t too presumptuous and pretentious, which I guess it is. Anyway, a tip of the hat).

Two points: This particular camp in town must have a spectacular publicist, garnering at least two articles in Greenwich Time in just the past week alone. Second, wasn’t it more fun when we made our own go karts and mini-bikes and raced illegally around town, chased by the cops? I’ll bet the cops enjoyed it as much as we did. What did your father think, GPD Folk?

UPDATE: we self-taught ourselves mechanics back then: (poor) welding techniques, as the disintegration of mini-bike frames at full speed over road bumps  proved to our distress (hey, we were maybe 13, 14 what do you expect?)  small engine maintenance and repair, drive chains, gear ratios, etc. Maybe that’s all obsolete knowledge now – I don’t know – but I’m not at all sure that video games are an improvement. Computer programming probably is, I suppose, but charging along Riverside Avenue at 35 mph, pursued and ultimately eluding the police provided more thrills than anything I’ve ever found on a computer.


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Home ownership causes unemployment?

Well, if you can’t move, I suppose it could. In many states, your liability on a mortgage is limited to your house. Send the keys to the bank and move on. Not so in New England.


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PC in England?

I found this reference to “travellers” in a British paper – I’m pretty sure we used to call these people gypsies.


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No criminal charges in mortgage fraud

Cases closed, Justice Department goes home. Like the bank frauds in the early 80’s, prosecutors get bored quickly and move on to something sexier.


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