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Tiger Woods exposed as the ass that he is

From the world’s greatest golfer to a has-been whore master wash up, his fired caddy just won with a new partner, Adam Scott. No sympathy here.


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Oh please, if you believe this, you probably think Last Liberal Standing is blogging about his new pistol

Move On.org is blaming the Tea Party for the S&P downgrade on our credit rating. We have a $14 trillion deficit, an incompetent president and the worst political class in decades, if not ever, and you think the Tea Party’s ruined our credit?

Ah, where exactly did Obummer hide his own plan for financial salvation? Can’t seem to find it – or the Democrats’ budget, for that matter.


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I have no problem with the Mexican military but don’t they have GPS or even charts?

Mexican Army helicopter lands in Laredo by mistake. I’ll confess to steering a boat out of Buzzard’s Bay once through the wrong channel and only catching myself from an embarrassing encounter with minutes to spare, but I’m an amateur sailor. Maybe this guy was too.


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Last Liberal Standing reviews his new Ruger handgun

Well, maybe it’s not really LLS but it’s a dull Sunday and I thought I’d grab his attention. I myself don’t feel any need for a small back-up pistol but then, I live in Greenwich, I’m not a cop and I stay out of bars. That’s a pretty safe combination.


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I was just thinking the other day that what the world needs is a glow-in-the dark beagle

Korean scientists, mad or not.


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