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They’re twelve hours ahead of us in Asia, and stocks are tanking

Nothing good going on. I had a fascinating conversation with some clients this evening and they are as discouraged as I am about our economic prospects for at least the next year. That doesn’t bode well for sellers, I don’t think: Everyone is waiting.


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Maybe we don’t do it wholesale, but piece by piece

Long article here from the Hartford Courant on wasted ambulance calls. Up to 40% are unnecessary or could be treated on site, but state and federal regulations forbid it. So the cost gets shifted to insurance companies and those, like me, who can (eventually) pay. I have a bill for $2,000 left over from being transported to Yale New Haven after my heart attack last February. If I hadn’t been so drugged up, I’d have called brother Gideon and gotten there for free. I don’t begrudge the ride (in fact, I have no memory of it) but if you multiply that little excursion by a few million, it’s easy to see why our health care costs so much.

So maybe we should revisit the 1973 911 law that requires everyone to go to ER, eh? I suspect this is just one of many things we could do to cut our medical costs.


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But where does hydrogen come from?

From electricity. How do you generate that, Danno?

Malloy visits hydrogen fuel cell plant. This all makes for good headlines and heaven knows we all want clean fuel and jobs, but despite our Governor asking “hard questions” [sic] he didn’t bother asking how hydrogen is produced. It’s not from propeller beanies, Danno.


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Camp David, golf, a couple of fund raisers and then it’s off to Martha’s Vineyard

Our president at work.


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Obama votes “present”

Obama: “I will do nothing”

Various reporters tried to elicit more information about Obama’s economic plans and deficit-reduction proposals, but Carney declined again to take the lead.


“I don’t want to get too far ahead of the process,” he explained to the Wall Street Journal’s Laura Meckler, adding that Obama “will be contributing to that process, not driving it or directing it.”


“Why?” inquired Politico’s Glenn Thrush. “He’s the leader of the free world. Why isn’t he leading this process?”




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Oh, that troublemaker!

Fudrucker says the Central Fire house should be saved. I say tear it down and build a new one where the GHS auditorium was being built.


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We have nothing to fear but Obama himself

His  “speech”, for some reason, didn’t help. Dow down 600 points. The Emperor has no clothes but will stay in office at least another 17 months. That’s scary.


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