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Mortgage rates to drop again?

So says this guy.

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Wouldn’t this be fun

NASA: solar storms could disrupt electricity for years. In fact, NASA has warned of this for the past several years but I guess they thought it prudent to warn us again – could come between now and 2013. What are we doing about it? What can we do about it? Probably nothing. Get a three-year supply of candles.


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Carbon footprint

Michelle Obama flies to visit her brother in government jet and an eleven car caravan escorts her to his home. I wonder if she was joined by Barbara Streisand?


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The real “Charlotte Gray” dies at 98

Missed both the book and the movie, a lapse I intend to remedy, but this Aussie resistance fighter in France had quite a life.

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Don’t try this at home or the supermarket

Man stuffs pistol in his waistband while shopping with girlfriend, shoots himself in his wing wang. Is there a Darwin Award for removing your would-be children  from the gene pool?


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I haven’t abandoned real estate, real estate has abandoned me!

It’s August – nothing much going on. The broker open house list today was less than a page long and had nothing of interest, we’re not seeing contracts (which may have more to do with the chaos on Wall Street than the time of year) and few notable sales. 38 Hidden Brook in Riverside is reported as sold for $2.050, a good price for an excellent street, a large (0.67?) lot and a so-so, but in good condition, house.

Otherwise, that’s all I have to report.

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Baseball bat sales up 5000% at Amazon UK

When you disarm your public, this is what you get. There’s another story, which I’m too lazy to find right now, that encourages London residents to stand outside their houses armed with pots and pans.

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