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It’s 11:30 – do you know where your money is?

Up in smoke, apparently.

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I’m going to Disney World!

Well not me, actually, I’m staying here in Greenwich but our president is off to Martha’s Vineyard for ten days. His spokesman claims the prez needs “downtime” but what, exactly has he done in the past three years that’s so exhausted him? Inquiring minds want to know.


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This seems like a good use of modest funds

Town puts kids to work around town, planting trees at Tod’s, building a new walkway at the dog park. As I’ve noted here before, I was always self-employed as a young teenager, but not everyone can figure that out or even find work, so a program that directs all that youthful energy to good purpose at what’s got to be pretty minimal cost sounds good to me. The town is improved and the kids are put to work. Good deal.


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Giff golfers, you might want to include a .270 in your bag

Mountain lion reportedly spotted at the “Chieftans” on King Street. That’s the former Gimble Gimbel estate, just down the road from the municipal golf course. Now, if the first lion really did come all the way from South Dakota, as our DEP says, then what are the odds that there’s another one around? On the other hand, maybe we have a native population. Fore!


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A self-imposed recession?

Everyone has fears about where the economy’s  heading so consumers and businesses alike are cutting expenses and deferring spending. I personally have shelved plans for buying that new Apple Airbook. As for new car I was considering buying last year? Forget it.


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Oil sands

Interesting article here if you’re interested in how the Canadians are mining oil sands. Right now, there’s a fight in Congress over whether to permit a pipeline to bring this oil to us. It seems silly to me: the Chinese are eager to buy it so the mining will continue regardless, but the propeller beanie types don’t like it. Guess they’ve never seen Nigeria.

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Best hamburger?

This guy likes Five guys, but I think, like Shake Shack, the nearest outlet is in Westport. That place on Delevan Avenue in Byram has my vote right now, but I’m open to suggestions.

UPDATE: GPD Folks mentioned “Big Top” some time ago and that, to my memory, was indeed the best. Blue and yellow roof, across from what was then Caldors (Walgreens, now) – it’s long passed, alas and is now an automobile repair shop. But my, their burgers were delicious – charbroiled, and fantastic onion rings.


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