Best hamburger?

This guy likes Five guys, but I think, like Shake Shack, the nearest outlet is in Westport. That place on Delevan Avenue in Byram has my vote right now, but I’m open to suggestions.

UPDATE: GPD Folks mentioned “Big Top” some time ago and that, to my memory, was indeed the best. Blue and yellow roof, across from what was then Caldors (Walgreens, now) – it’s long passed, alas and is now an automobile repair shop. But my, their burgers were delicious – charbroiled, and fantastic onion rings.


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37 responses to “Best hamburger?

  1. Dew Sweeper

    I’ve had the three you’ve mentioned and I would suggest Moe’s- across from Taco Bell in OG. I’ll even put them in order for you: Moe’s, Shake Shack, BSF (Byram) and 5 guys. Try the Blue Blazer in Westchester and Louie’s Lynch in New Haven for a couple of unique classics.

  2. send in the clowns

    I’ve heard great things about Moe’s Burgers in Old Greenwich but haven’t tried it yet. Elevation Burger is coming to Rye Brook and has gotten great reviews too.
    Not a fan of BSF in Byram but maybe I had it on a bad day. The burger was too greasy to finish.

  3. Daniel

    You haven’t lived until you have an In-N-Out.

  4. Anonymous

    I haven’t tried the places you mentioned, but Ginger Man serves a killer cheeseburger (don’t forget to add the caramelized onion topping) and the french fries are to die for.

  5. Fatman

    Shake Shack over Five Guys, hands down. Five Guys is great, but SS is a cut above. Both are far better than McDonald’s.

    Burgers, Shakes and Fries is pretty good as well, but the white bread for every burger is not my cup of tea. It does make the burgers distinctive, but I am not always excited about a patty melt when I want a burger.

  6. Roger Kaputnik

    Mackenzies made a pretty good burger as I recall. I haven’t been up there for a couple years.

  7. AJNock

    The place on Delevan is Burger Shakes and Fries. The burger is good but they insist on serving it on two slices of white bread. Yuk. A burger is meant to be served on a bun. so I do not go there anymore. Rory’s in Darien has the best burger around these parts.

  8. AJNock

    Forgot to add that there is a Five Guys now in White Plains. It’s right across from the movieplex. If you live in western Greenwich it is an easy drive. Also, a few doors down is Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza. Much better than any so-called pizza in Greenwich…which is a wasteland when it comes to pizza.

  9. anonymous

    Shake Shack has the best burgers but Five Guys wins with their fries!

  10. Deb

    Two Door has THE best burger in Town. Their hot dogs are excellent, too.

  11. Anonymous

    Thataway Cafe makes a great burger too.

  12. anonymous

    Moe’s in Riverside serves a delicious burger plus onion rings, fries, shakes …… The place could use an upgrade in decorating, too basic for my taste, but the food is very good. Moe also owns Tomatillo in Cos Cob. They serve delicious shredded pork, chicken or beef tacos.

  13. Anonymous

    CF, it’s been quite a few years now since 64 Greenwich Avenue has been the restaurant named “64” (made famous when Kathie Lee Gifford described on her morning TV show how she had tripped on her way out, with everyone’s eyes upon her, while descending the spiral staircase). And I don’t recall that “64” offered a burger on its menu (at dinner, anyway). Too upscale for that, which is probably why, among other reasons, it failed.

    • Ah! Well they offer one now, at lunch, anyway, and it’s very good. Do you remember the Ginger man in New York, near Lincoln Center? I suppose there’s no relationship but that place, too offered a reasonably-priced pre-theater meal. Donleavy (sp), the author of the Ginger man, was a friend of my mother’s and his autobiography has some entertaining memories of both her in Ireland and, later, parties at my father’s place on West 11th Street. Life in the late 1940’s sounds like it was pretty much fun. Certainly more fun than the preceding decade.

  14. Riversider

    Moe’s is horrible. So Is the guys Mexican place Tomatillo. Just being honest. BSF and Shake Shack are the best.

  15. Pinzgauer

    Hole in the wall, Texas in Port Chester (or whatever they call it now). Best chili for dogs, burgers and fries for 40 years. No tables just a counter. Don’t go if you like it all shiny and pretty.

  16. fatso

    eat farm grown vegs and corn you tub of lards

  17. JD

    AJNock, you should try Re Napoli in Old Greenwich and Doppio (corner of Elm and Mason). We had pretty lousy pizza for years and the, all of a sudden, two great places open up!

  18. Cheapskate

    Personally, there’s no better hamburger than the one I make on my backyard bbq; I know what blend of meats work well (half round, half chuck); I use only coarse kosher salt to season. English muffins on the grill as the bun. Cooked how I like it, pink on the inside, not how the Federal government tells me I must have it. Ketchup and relish. Homemade sweet potato fries (healthier option) and cole slaw. Why go out??

    • Cheapskate, I think I make a fine burger myself but my brother Anthony makes an even better one (ironic because I learned to cook when Ants and I lived together as college students and, since he couldn’t cook at all, he agreed to do the dishes, which freed me to experiment with sauces, knowing that my younger brother would have to deal with the pots and pans).
      But there are times when it’s just nice to have someone else do the cooking and so I’m always on the lookout for an inexpensive, good meal – hamburgers and pizza both fall in that category. As an aside, so too do fish and chips – not as cheap, but not over the top – and I nominate Beach House Cafe in Old Greenwich for the best in town. The Two Door in Byram is just as good but I think they only offer it on Fridays while Beach House has it as a staple every day.

  19. firecracker

    It’s a beautiful drive up to “The Blazer” and their burgers are tough to beat. Bring cash though as they don’t take plastic.

  20. bp

    Bit of a drive but the cafe at Bedford Post has a great burger.

  21. anonymous

    @ firecracker: Their burger is flame-broiled for a reason – at least once a year the place catches fire from all the grease. Plus, I think their burgers are too big. A fun place though, I’ll give you that, but a real heart attack on a bun.

  22. Cheapskate

    Chris: When I go out I try and have something that I DON’T make at home. Something unusual. I don’t mean expensive, but good…like Thai, Vietnamese, or Greek cuisine, but not a burger, and heavens, not fish and chips.

    @ bp: You better have brought your platinum American Express card to pay for that burger at Bedford Post. It’s one of the priciest meals in the tri-state area.

    • Cheapskate – I agree with you but fish and chips, involving deep frying, requires a lot of work.I’ve done it and the results were satisfying but I’d prefer someone else do it for me. And a great burger for lunch? Always a treat.

  23. Cheapskate

    I go for the salad if out at lunch. A good Cobb or Nicoise or anything with beets and goat cheese. A burger at lunch ends up sitting on me wrong, like I swallowed a bowling ball, especially if that burger came with fries and I ate it all. The older I get the healthier I eat. That’s why I like to make my own burger, to control the salt and the fat. Most often, I have it without a bun. It’s the white stuff that’s a killer – bread, rice, pasta, sugar…gotta stay away from it.

  24. Burgers, Shakes & Fries wins hands down!

  25. JDinBkln

    You have to like a burger on sliced bread to like BSF — I wasn’t a fan. I think the Ginger Man burger is really good. Not as good as the Corner Bistro in the West Village or the burger joint at Le Parker Meridian, but best I’ve had in Greenwich. Moe’s sounds interesting, I’ll have to try that…

  26. ML

    Not cheap but the L’Escale burger is by far the best in town. Sounds ridiculous but it definietly is.

    As for fast food joints, In an Out kills it!

  27. anon

    Make sure you find and In-N-Out, not an In and Out. In LA, who knows where the latter may take you!

  28. send in the clowns

    I had some errands in White Plains today so the little clowns and I had lunch at 5 Guys. Much, much better then BS&F in Byram. The burgers and buns almost melted in your mouth and the fries were fresh cut and cooked perfectly.

  29. Anonymous

    I do remember the Ginger Man near Lincoln Center. Now there’s a Ginger Man on E 36 St. There must be some relationship between that one and the ones in Greenwich and Norwalk because they all use exactly the same logo.

  30. Late to this thread, but isn’t it great how folks will weigh in regarding good eating. Our favorite donuts now come from the Long Ridge Diner after reading about them here. My question is where do you go for a good fried clam/lobsta roll? There is Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tales in Madison and plenty more as you travel north through Massachusetts. Around here, I go to a place on the water in the cove in Norwalk. Any thoughts?