Giff golfers, you might want to include a .270 in your bag

Mountain lion reportedly spotted at the “Chieftans” on King Street. That’s the former Gimble Gimbel estate, just down the road from the municipal golf course. Now, if the first lion really did come all the way from South Dakota, as our DEP says, then what are the odds that there’s another one around? On the other hand, maybe we have a native population. Fore!


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7 responses to “Giff golfers, you might want to include a .270 in your bag

  1. waste of tax dollars

    we pay a town employee to sit at giff all winter long waiting for summer to arrive.

  2. Brad Smith

    Ever wonder how that first cougar crossed the Housatonic before getting run over? Or how it crossed the Great Lakes to get to Connecticut? That was one heck of a cat…or not?

  3. It is “Gimbel”; not “Gimble”

  4. Anonymous

    Could the big cats be an escaped piece of a feline security system located on Greenwich compound?

  5. ff

    My grandfather used to play at Van Cortland Park golf course in the bad old days and said a 12 gage iron was the most valuable piece in his bag