Another crazy day on Wall Street

Up 400 + points. On even days, it drops 400, odd days, it goes up – an interesting market theory. I spent much of the late afternoon with a client and his wife (they’re both my clients, of course, but I can’t quite figure out how to make this sentence work otherwise) and I asked him how he, as  a hedge funder, kept his sanity during this craziness. He smiled and said something like, “if you’ve positioned yourself properly ahead of time, it all works out”. And I must say, he was serene, his usual cheerful self and we were looking at some very, very expensive properties, so I absolutely believe him.

So some folks are losing their shirts during all this, but not all. That’s good news for home sellers and dumb Realtors.


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4 responses to “Another crazy day on Wall Street

  1. I’ve never asked him, Wildwood because, to be honest, I couldn’t possibly understand (well gold, yes, but I don’t think that’s what he’s doing).

  2. Greenwich Gal

    Position yourself in private equity. Most of this roller coaster ride is computer generated. Who needs that.

  3. anony

    madoff probably looked serene most of the time too. just sayin.’