Could they really be this stupid?

 Yes, they can. Britain asks U.S. for advice on how to deal with criminal gangs of looters. The first thing you do is restore the Common Law rights to bear arms and defend yourself. America got these from its former Colonial master – we kept them, England did not. In today’s England, an individual protecting his property and his life is far more likely to go to jail than the perpetrator. That seems crazy to me, but perhaps I haven’t sipped enough tea.


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12 responses to “Could they really be this stupid?

  1. w b h

    More reasons than ever to keep our Second Amendment from being watered down.

  2. not so anonymouse

    Did you read the article in National Review ( from Hot Air) that pointed out that if you keep an aluminium bat by your bed for protection, use it to defend yourself against a burgler, YOU are guilty of “INTENT to harm” !!!! !!!!!! hello? !

  3. Cobra

    We need a national law endorsing the Castle Doctrine for all to exercise given such circumstances. If an uninvited guest invades your personal space, snuff them with extreme prejudice. Blood is a proteinaceous stain, easily removed with Era or Wisk. Takes but a few minutes to remove. The master fixer, Mr. Wolf, endorses such solutions.

  4. Anonymous

    @NSA, I would be interested in reading that article if you could provide a link, I went looking for it both at Hot Air and NRO and couldn’t find it. Thanks. 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    The best and most recent stats I can find suggest that the UK has about 60 deaths per year from guns against 28,000 for the USA, of course the population of the US is over 5 times as many, so the discrapancy is only about 27,400. Of course, I’m sure most of those deserve to die, but I read recently that if you have a gun in your home, it is 18 times more likely to be used against one of the family than any intruder, so keep up the good work.

  6. Reg

    Most of the hooligans there have to make do with stones, knives and brass knuckles. What would you and your precious pistol do if you were were at your home in East London in these riots and instead of a 100-strong gang coming by to stone your house, they came armed with guns instead?

  7. AmyT

    Big difference between protecting your property and protecting your life (or somebody else’s life).

    • WBH – When i was a young hippy bumming around Europe in 1972, I spent some time in Zurich and saw plenty of businessmen in suits carrying automatic rifles in the trams I used – I guess they were on their way to reserve duty. I never felt safer in my life.

  8. w b h

    Reminds me of the story of the fellow stopped by the cops along the highway, and when asked if he had any weapons began to list what he had in his truck. It was a long list. The cop asked, “Son, what are you afraid of?”
    “Nothing, officer, nothing at all,” he responded.