Demmerkrats shifting to Hillary

That’s what this former Obama supporter says. No one could be worse than Obummer, so good luck to the Democrats trying to depose him, but I wouldn’t have supported her four years ago and certainly wouldn’t today. Still, I hope the Dems stick with the clean, articulate black guy – an easier target.


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3 responses to “Demmerkrats shifting to Hillary

  1. Greenwich Gal

    The fact of the matter is – America is more sexist than racist. As are most nations. As Tina Fey said – “Bitch is the new black.”

  2. Anonymous

    I think the Democrats proved that to be true when HRC supporters were labeled as closet racists for questioning The One’s qualifications for the job of POTUS.

    That was a dirty dirty campaign on both sides by the Dem candidates and supporters, I hope one day it will be honestly written about but I won’t hold my breath while waiting for that book to find a publisher.

  3. Anon,

    Political campaigns in the past have been far dirtier than the “dirty dirty” one you’re remembering.

    Re: Hillary or Barack? I voted for HRC in the CT Dem primary, though I thought either one of them would make a very good prez. And I voted for BHO over John McCain, for about ten reasons. No contest. I don’t regret that vote, by any means. But Obama is looking (and sounding) less like a leader just about every day. It’s sad, not delightful.