Test scores for Greenwich elementary schools released

No real surprises here. Riverside and Old Greenwich did very well, New Lebanon, Hamilton Avenue not so well. Other schools in between (Dundee, our “IB” school, is still under-performing).

I believe I just read that under the “No Child Left Behind” law all schools are supposed to score 100% by 2014 and I wonder how that can happen? When I attended Riverside I learned to read in first grade and it turned out that I happened to be very good at it – I’d exhausted the school’s library long before sixth grade and moved on to the Perrot’s adult collection (no, not Penthouse). But one of my classmates clearly had more difficulty – same teacher, same material, but he couldn’t get it and as we progressed through the school, he never really did.

He had other talents, and grew up to be one of the best guitarists I ever heard and although I long ago lost touch with him last heard from, he was making a good living through his music. Clearly he had a problem with reading – dyslexia maybe? But I know he got extra help during those years yet couldn’t overcome whatever was causing the trouble. I completely support efforts to help children reach their best but 100% seems, to me, to be an unatainable goal and I don’t see why schools should be penalized for not achieving it.


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13 responses to “Test scores for Greenwich elementary schools released

  1. ches

    Thank you, now if only politicians would see it your way.

  2. Last Liberal Standing

    Well said. If my bosses aren’t reading this, I agree with you.

  3. George Crossman

    The Magnet Schools aren’t doing so well? What a shock. That was supposed to be the “silver bullet” to bring up those elementary schools.

  4. OG

    Riverside and Old Greenwich schools perform better than other areas of town totally based on affluence and education. Most kids at these school have parents who have attained higher education and can afford to have their child tutored from first grade on. The three schools not performing Dundee, New Lebanon and Hamilton Ave host the children from the town housing projects. 20% of Dundees students are from Adam’s Garden. The majority of these kids do not go to preschool, english is not there first language and there parents are not highly educated. Test scores went down in this school when the number of choice kids decreased because of the increase in Adam’s Garden Population. The Magnet program has very little to do with the scores.

  5. JDinBkln

    As I recall, Dundee was middle of the pack, not at the bottom… no?

    What I don’t understand is how the elementary school districting makes any sense. Dundee is practically in Havemeyer Park, yet those kids all go to North Mianus (one of the best on the list). So kids who could literally walk up the block to Dundee go to North Mianus instead, yet kids who live near Perrot Library go to Dundee. How does that make sense???

  6. Cos Cob & Proud

    @OG – what you describe is called the Acheivement Gap. Closing this gap was our dear departed (from Greenwich) Superintendent Betty Sternberg’s #1 mission. She formed committees, held meeting after meeting, asked for parents’ opinions, and formed focus groups. And then promptly left the district “to spend more time with her family”.
    I care that children are under-achieving and we have a system in place that guarantees that these students will NEVER catch up. I don’t give a frig that they drag down Gch test scores. Good!! That’s the proof we need to spend some of our school budget on more resources for those students who right from kgn perform below grade level and also offer public preschool to all those in our housing projects and to other Gch families whose income is below a certain level. This is not rocket science, it is simply not Greenwich’s way. MISA is the Gch way. AP courses with 2 students in the class is the Gch way. Touting the number of GHS graduates accepted into Ivy League colleges is the Gch way. Counting the number of GHS graduates who do not go on to further education or training AND leave GHS without employment in NOT the Gch way because it is NOT the concern of the Gch BOE.

  7. ListenUP

    JDinBkln, ISD and North Mianus are literally a block apart, so you have 2 elementary schools in one neighborhood. ISD was districted so that mandatory attendance draws from Perrot Library area, and the rest of the student body is supposed to be drawn from other areas of Riverside and Old Greenwich. Back in its heydey, many North Mianus parents opted for ISD because of its good reputation. Now I hear many local parents have soured on ISD and are returning to NM.

  8. AmyT

    [shhh….don’t tell Chris he’s espousing a traditionally Democratic view here]

  9. amom

    Finding it hard to read OG’s comment about education when she/he doesn’t know the proper grammatical use of “their” vs “there”.

  10. amom

    So if a kid arrived in Kindergarten after not attending preschool for financial reasons and still doesn’t speak any English – it’s the fault of our “system” for failing that kid???? Teachers are stretched enough already. They aren’t ESL teachers, social workers or remedial reading therapists… they are Kindergarten teachers….and they are being deluged with 22 5 year olds in a class in some schools. While I agree that there is a correlation between wealthier school districts and better test scores I wholeheartedly disagree with the proposition that tutoring is keeping these kids at the top of their games. The partnership between parents and teachers is. That is what is missing at some of the Western schools, it’s a huge component and maybe isn’t PC to talk about. But nothing’s going to change there until parents get more involved in their schools and in their kids’ educations. Sitting with a kid and doing homework every night together isn’t just the realm of the wealthy – it costs nothing and it’s how you get your kid up to speed.

  11. Greenwich Gal

    There is a segment of the population in Greenwich that really does not care about school. I think we have to face that. Everybody seems incredulous about it – but really – a high school degree is just fine with about 20% of GHS. Not everybody is meant for college.

  12. Cos Cob & Proud

    @amom & GG – thank you for proving my point: you have the Gch way down perfectly. Congrats!!

    You can Google “achievement gap in schools” and find out how utterly ignorant you are on the entire issue.

  13. Greenwich Gal

    Cos Cob – So what exactly do you think is the answer here? What is it that you want?
    I have been active in our schools for some time and I see the massive discrepancies in our students. I stand by my statement. Prove me wrong.