Walt Noel dodges a bullet

Appellate court tosses out the town of Fairfield’s suit against him. It was a bullshit claim to begin with – Fairfield never invested through Noel’s firm, they just said that Noel helped the fraud which he did, of course, but that doesn’t make him liable for Fairfield’s loss.

Plenty of other suits out there that allege direct losses caused by Walt to keep the old man entertained through his dotage.


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6 responses to “Walt Noel dodges a bullet

  1. Inagua

    It is amazing the lengths to which this old thief will go to hang on to stolen loot. Feeder Fund Tremont settled, but not Walt. He probably hopes to die before his cases come to trial.

  2. pulled up in OG

    You want dodgey?

    Tiger birdies his first hole
    Three under after five
    Six over after 15!!!
    Currently 13 behind Stricker.

  3. Al Dente

    Dotage. What a great word. I went to look it up but couldn’t remember where I put my dictionary.

  4. Marissa No-Elle

    Christopher, how dare you call me and my fabulous sisters awful! We are law abiding citizens (can’t figure out what countries we’re from, but that make no difference). We all went to Ivy League schools, have decent, well-educated husbands and beautiful, multi-lingual offspring. And by the way, I also run a very reputable jewelry business whilst parading my perfect pilates tummy around NYC. So there. Off to court. Ciao!