Another Connecticut transportation boodoggle

$600 million bus lane from New Britain to Hartford.  An empty, high-speed train to Springfield, now this. We’re ruled by fools, incompetents and crooks.


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10 responses to “Another Connecticut transportation boodoggle

  1. Good luck

    Make it a bikeway and running path. Use private companies to operate airport type electric vehicles or simple SanFrancisco type electric trolley to ferry people up and down road. Very few people need to go in and out of this corridor. I often see a huge natural gas bus with ONE rider on it. Unions are just a bunch of bullys who want to line their pockets with tax dollars and the Democrats just want to patronize the unions for easy votes to get re-elected and keep the Malloy nonsense going.

  2. Corrupt-Ville New Britain - Hartford

    Politicians ready to benefit from piles of taxpayer dollars have long come out of New Britain, from former Gov Meskill and others.

    Mayor Manafort ran New Britain in the 1960’s to 1970’s. Does it surprise you that Manafort Brothers built all the roads and did all the construction is the area for the last 40 years? They still get huge public works jobs.

    The son of Manafort is a big lobbyist and McCain follower. If only McCain won, Manafort would be building even more federal jobs.

    Politicians just feed from your tax dollars and unfairly take big benefits. Any run down town usually has a corrupt background. Tax dollars mis-spent.

  3. Natural Gas Behind This

    Gas companies seem to keep pushing politicians to find any way to buy their natural gas powered buses. It is criminal.

  4. Jebus wept

    Ten miles, two lanes, just under $600M estimated cost. How much will it actually end up costing if it ever gets built? $1B?

  5. just_looking

    Term Limits.

    If you have a better solution, lets hear it.

  6. Cobra

    Sounds like the MISA project on steroids. Hopefully, soil tests will be conducted prior to construction.

  7. CatoRenasci

    Had a polling call pretty obviously paid for by McMahon yesterday; support or opposition for this was one of the questions. Unfortunately, they had no choice more emphatic than ‘strongly oppose’.

    Democrats, Republicans, they’re all Corrupticraticans!

  8. Cos Cobber

    And the guy leading the charge is Tony Guerrera – the state rep of Rocky Hill -who has pushed repeatedly to add tolls to the state borders and refuses to consider adding the same tolls to central CT.

    If we are hell bent on creating jobs in the name of spending, surely there are much better projects to be had…like adding “speed change” lanes to I-84. The only reason this stupid dedicated bus road idea has any legs is because of the $275MM carrot dangled by Washington. Mind you, the Fed DOT and congressman also created other brilliant ideas such as the HOV and bike lanes on Stamford’s little 1 mile road construction project known as the ‘urban transit way’ which also used federal highway dollars. Basically the urban transit way is a friggen new street, but apparently streets are politically incorrect, so transitway (which evokes thoughts of beautiful buses, bikes and trains) is what it must be called.

    Btw, I saw somewhere that Malloy, in the name of austerity, has elminated the weekend operating funds for the lightly used Shoreline East railline. No more empty trains on Saturday and Sunday.

  9. anon

    Well it’s only taken about six months to resurface a few miles of I-95 in Greenwich. I’m guessing that’s cost about $100mm!

  10. anon

    The project would cost $60mm a mile. My driveway is about 50ft long, so at that rate, it would cost me about $600K to repave my driveway! But at least it would create some jobs.