Madoff trustee begins Round II : clawback suits against Noel’s clients

“Invested” with Walter Noel? Brace yourself, Bridgett, Picard is coming after you. Walt’s friends at the Round Hill Club are going to be really pissed.


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6 responses to “Madoff trustee begins Round II : clawback suits against Noel’s clients

  1. Inagua

    Seems unfair that the Trustee won’t pay Feeder funds losers, but wants clawbacks from Feeder fund winners. This plus his silly suit against Wilpon of the Mets suggests that this Tustee is basically a grandstanding wild man getting rich on other people’s misery.

  2. Roger Ebert

    Walt and company are making cameo appearances in this upcoming documentary. Special pre-screening scheduled at Round Hill Club – details to follow:


    Where is Andres Piedrahita?

  4. Anonymous

    Piedrahita is living comfortably in Spain. He is not an American citizen and, as such, is probably beyond the reach of U.S. law. He is known to have several foreign bank accounts where he has stashed his ill-gotten gains. The yacht and plane are gone (we mustn’t look too extravagant if the face of our clients’ losses, you know), but he still has his opulent Madrid apartment and a grandiose vacation place on the island of Majorca.

  5. Truth

    Can’t wait until Walter Noel drops dead. What a loser. I will be at the funeral, then I will go dance on his grave.