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Some free market suggestions on how to bring back employment

All better than my own ideas but then, these are smart people. I’m not convinced that my own thoughts aren’t an improvement over whatever passes for wisdom in D.C., mind you. If  I’ m right, that should really scare you.


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You can be a Red Sox fan and still cheer individual Yankees

As long as they aren’t playing the Red Sox, of course. Jorge Posada comes off the bench and hits a grand slam. Good for him – I know he had a bad moment when he was benched, but what would you expect from a proud competitor like Posada? He and Jeeter, to my mind, make the Yankees the class act that they are.

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Will an iPhone camera replace your real one?

That’s what this writer suggests. In my own experience, he’s half-right. I long ago stopped carrying a separate camera, but I pass up photographing with my iPhone’s camera because it just isn’t good enough, yet. Friday evening, showing land to clients, we saw two young bucks, antlers still in velvet, that would have made a wonderful illustration for this blog, but I knew that my iPhone wouldn’t do the picture justice, so the thing stayed in my pocket (and I didn’t have my .270, so off they went).

Same thing here on the creek – there are great scenes of sandpipers swooping in to feed at the outgoing tide, but my tiny camera can’t capture them. I do look forward to the next generation iPhone because it’s rumored to be coming with a powerful camera. I’ll buy that, but I doubt I’ll buy another single-purpose camera. If  I’m a typical consumer, camera makers should take cover.


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I’d have paid to see this movie, but $275 million?

Disney pulls plug on Johnny Depp “Lone Ranger” after cost estimates hit the roof. Hollywood’s gone nuts if it can’t figure out how to bring in a movie at some reasonable cost. So good for Disney, but I like Depp, and westerns, and would have enjoyed this story, I’ll bet.


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Well this was kind of stupid

Thief released from jail so she could get a heart transplant arrested for shoplifting. She’s back off to jail and now off the transplant list – I doubt we’ll miss her.

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It’s good to be Queen, too

A vacation every nine days for Michelle Obama. It’s no wonder that this cosseted, affirmative-action Princeton grad is “finally proud to be an American”. Life’s pretty good for her. If you’re lucky, she’ll send you a post card from Martha’s Vineyard.

UPDATE: apologies to the reader who sent me some very funny videos of black ministers trashing the lady – I didn’t post them because they were just too mean.


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And I’m Jesus Christ

Obummer compares himself  to Martin Luther King at $35,000 per-plate NYC fundraiser. Feel free to send angry notes over his fence at Martha’s Vineyard next week, should you be so inspired.


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The cops don’t like it

Anti-terrorism NYPD forces protecting Verizon managers doing repairs and installations. The cops, union workers, after all, want Verizon to hire private security to protect against the vandalism of Verizon’s union strikers. Which is fine with me – Pinkerton used to supply exactly this service back in the 1800’s and did a great job, although their brutal tactics provided an entire generation of liberal college professors a living condemning them.  But times have changed, and the police these days are required to protect legitimate businesses and their efforts to stay in business. Suck it up, guys.

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I blame Bush

AP releases 9/11 photo package, just in case you’ve forgotten.


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Nothing good here

WSJ:  A global crisis of confidence. You know, if a dummy like me could see the problems with the Euro when it was first created, what were the geniuses thinking?


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What I said

But this guy says it better, no doubt because he knows what he’s talking about  – I just speculate. He says that the fix is in, that the Fed has promised bankers a zero interest window of two years, allowing them to borrow for nothing and then lend the money back to the government at 2-4% interest. No risk, easy money, no incentive to loan to real businesses. This is not a path to growth.


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