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Sounds like fun to me

Some Ponzi schemer doing  twenty years is telling all about supplying University of Miami football players and coaches with booze, prostitutes and cash. What the hell was I thinking, majoring in Philosophy? For that matter, how come God grew me to just 5′ 10″?


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It’s a funny new world, but I like it

One of the toughest guys I know, a retired cop and I both jump to defend a gay politician ( I know that some readers misunderstood me, but that’s okay) and isn’t that an interesting phenomenon? Maybe Greenwich isn’t the rest of the country, but I do believe we as a country have come a long way towards tolerance, and a politician who doesn’t get that risks being left behind. There are more important issues to deal with – picking on someone because of who he loves is so entirely irrelevant.


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Oh, dear

Resident of my old homestead gets in trouble.


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So what are we to do?

Congressman Himes urges us to prepare for disaster.  (My original post led to my email – a reader, Edgewater, has thoughtfully provided a safer, to me,  link) The  FBI will add anyone who does so to its potential terrorist list. My response is to buy more ammunition and fuck the FBI, but the choice is up to you. I wonder what the FBI’s position is on incandescent bulb hoarders?


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When will the press attack Obama for his opposition to gay marriage?

Well never in fact, unless he changes his name to Michele Bachmann


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Absolutely fascinating interview going on at NPR

Fresh Air. Two NYT reporters on the war against Al Qaeda. I’ll  post the link in a moment. UPDATE: the book’s called “Counterstrike”

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So look, since there’s no real estate news in August, let’s talk business

Blodget hates the Google/Motorola deal.  I agree with him (but if we’re so smart, how come we didn’t invent Google?)  but do any of you remember when the Wall Street Journal lauded Motorola as the best run company in the world? That was a decade or so ago, but what the hell happened?


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The NY Post still wins the headline contest, despite the retirement of its leader

“Today Host too busy to do squat”. Great headline, but I’m with the lady. She paid $2.9 million for a place on 71st Street and began renovating it but stopped after neighbors sued her, again and again. So now the place is empty, squatters have moved in, and the neighbors don’t like that, either. I say, screw the neighbors and cheers for the hobos.

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Another interesting day for Wall Street?

(6:30 AM) Futures down, Europe going to hell on weak German GDP.


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