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Too funny – the Madoff crowd is settling in Boca Raton

They’re all down there at Rat’s Mouth. When I hunted wicked stock brokers, it seemed most of them were concentrated in Boca Raton. The Madoff accomplices should feel right at home. Sort of Round Hill Road South.


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This seems like good news

State unions approve the Malloy deal. I know a number of state workers (really, LLS2, I do!) and I don’t want to see any of them or, for that matter, any worker lose his job. As I said here before, I’ve been unemployed, and it sucks. So if a deal has been worked out that will save jobs, that’s great. Now let’s get to work on job reduction through attrition.


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Aw, screw’em

Chris Whittle’s got another private school going in NYC and good for him.  Still, your kid’s gonna learn Mandarin at $50,000 a year? Why not have the au pair take him to Chinatown for lunch?


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Here’s a mess, but it’s being addressed

Water company preparing to dig up the main Glenville intersection  for the next month. Aquarion bought an old company with 100-year-old pipes and is spending millions to update them. Works for me, but I don’t live in Glenville. What can you do, other than be patient?


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A nice story if you’re a gun nut, otherwise, skip it

A 1911 Colt is returned to its Medal of Honor winner. Hey, it brings a tear to my eye but again, if this isn’t your cup of tea, just don’t read it


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Kind of, sort of, what I’ve been saying

The Fed’s paying the big banks not to lend money. What the hell’s going on here?


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They can pay me five bucks a week and I’ll promise never to buy their stuff

Abercrombie & Fitch offers big bucks if “Jersey Shore” actors quit wearing their clothing. Okay, maybe fifty cents.


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Do you remember when a Bush spokesman said this?

When Ari somebody said the same thing: “be careful what you     say” post 9/11, he was savaged by the press. When Obama’s guy says the same thing, silence.

“When you are president or running for president, you have to think about your words,” Carney said in Iowa, where Obama was on a campaign-style bus tour.


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Dang, we’re losing the light

5;30 AM, and I was just out on the deck, looking over the creek. Sun’s no longer up at this time of day, as it was in June. I miss that.


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