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As of 5:46,severe thunderstorm watch

Good thing that lion’s dead – it would be made uncomfortable


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More on mountain lions

Greenwich mountain lion seen in Adirondacks last year (picture of it here alive in Wisconsin) and it seems some Connecticut wildlife experts are now conceding that we might have a “small” native population after all. Hikers, get that carry permit!


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Senator illegally releases secret information to the press

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, an avowed communist, socialist  ( a distinction without a difference, especially to one, like me, who followed his career)  leaked information on oil traders’ positions to a WSJ reporter. The irony is that the old commie was upset about oil at $147 a barrel in 2008 but it hit below $80 today. More upsetting is that this is supposed to be confidential information – no trader wants his competitors to know what his positions are, yet Sanders released it anyway.

Here’s the Wikipedia article on Bernie. Decide for yourself who and what he is. But he does seem to have violated his oath of office and the law, as the original post said.


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Well duh

NYT: “Green Jobs” promise a flop. Taxing U.S. citizens to subsidize Chinese to manufacture solar equipment and sell it back to us never made sense to some of us but then, we aren’t Democrats.


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Dow down 128 points as of a little while go.

UPDATE: No huge disaster – closed down at 180, or something, but better than yesterday. We’ll see next week, I suppose.


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This ought to frighten all of us, but especially Democrats

Thinking about Michelle Obama’s refusal to wait for her husband and insisting on a separate flight to MV makes me wonder whether Obama has a single political adviser with any sense of where the country’s at. How could anyone have approved this extra excursion  for Michelle, considering the President’s professed concern for “green” matters, cutting spending and when his fellow citizens are lined up looking for jobs? I don’t begrudge the guy (another) vacation, but they couldn’t wait four hours to travel together? The whole band in the White House seems completely clueless.

UPDATE: They say that Obummer’s only taken 61 vacation days during the past three years (not counting Michelle’s extra weeks) while Bush had more. I don’t see how this plays out with the American public. I had one,  four-day vacation in the past three years and I consider myself to be doing okay. Someone who’s been on “vacation” all that time may not be so sympathetic.


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Obama is losing the media

 ABC: Thousands line up for job fair. Boston Harold: Obama playing golf today. Do you remember that, when all this started, the NYT ran articles on how enriched unemployed folks were with all their free time? I don’t see articles like that anymore.


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Screw the taxpayer, how about that carbon footprint?

Michelle Obama left early on Thursday for Martha’s Vineyard in a separate jet (and motorcade) rather than wait a few hours for her husband.

UPDATE: Mr. Eos counted six helicopters, a bunch of fighter jets and, of course, the his and her jets.


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Sour grapes?

Former Moody’s senior analyst says the ratings agency is rife with self-interest, corruption and liars. Could just be a disgruntled employee but he was working on derivatives during the fun years. This will be interesting.

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Everyone should have a goal

Mother aspires to be world’s fattest woman. Lives on welfare (too fat to work) and gets free medical care. I’m not saying that I’d make a trip over to Britain to take this woman out (I don’t mean dating) but someone could rid the world of a parasite and save British taxpayers a ton (literally) of money.

UPDATE: a reader points out that, while a Brit paper reported the story, the lady lives in Arizona. Road trip, anyone?.


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Quiet week for real estate

Nine single family sales the past three days, none over $3 million and most far below that, but the $1 to $1.5  million range is showing some ativity.Three executed contracts, including 767 Lake, finally, but that’s been in contract before and fell out, so let’s wait and see.


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