Dow down 128 points as of a little while go.

UPDATE: No huge disaster – closed down at 180, or something, but better than yesterday. We’ll see next week, I suppose.


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4 responses to “Eerie

  1. Anonymous

    Yeah, it’s only down about 1,750 in the last month, that won’t even leave a mark. 😦

  2. Anonymous

    …and we have our first bank failure of the week already.

    FDIC losses estimated at nearly $300M and a loss share agreement on nearly $1B in assets. How can we afford this week after week after year?

  3. fred

    The bad part:
    FDIC has had to be re capitalized a half a dozen times in the past few years. The good part:
    FDIC has huge list of non performing assets that can be had for as little as 10 cents on the dollar.

  4. Anonymous

    @fred I misspoke yesterday, the FDIC closed a PA. bank on Thursday. The total for the week stands at four with almost zero press coverage as usual.