Obama is losing the media

 ABC: Thousands line up for job fair. Boston Harold: Obama playing golf today. Do you remember that, when all this started, the NYT ran articles on how enriched unemployed folks were with all their free time? I don’t see articles like that anymore.


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4 responses to “Obama is losing the media

  1. The Duke of Deception

    The Duke used to know a guy named Boston Harold who liked to hang out in front of the package store on Harvard Avenue in Allston. Glad to see he found real work in the newspaper business.

  2. Anonymous

    I did a double take on this photograph.

    What an unfortunate camera angle to catch that smiling woman with the raised hand, I thought she was flipping him off for a second. 🙂

  3. AFW

    All the people on the job line are black all the people in the vineyard photo are white. Sad. This presidency was supposed to usher in a new renaissance for the most maligned of our citizens, yet the black unemployment rate is double or triple that of whites and the schooling provided in black neighborhoods is atrocious guarenteeing another generation of wasted potential. Thanks Obama – wish you had at least tried. Maybe it will improve under Palin/Perry?

  4. hmmm


    it’s a job fair sponsored by the black caucus….and all of the white people in the vineyard photo are kids (well there is a man and an asian woman too).