Quiet week for real estate

Nine single family sales the past three days, none over $3 million and most far below that, but the $1 to $1.5  million range is showing some ativity.Three executed contracts, including 767 Lake, finally, but that’s been in contract before and fell out, so let’s wait and see.


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22 responses to “Quiet week for real estate

  1. Anon

    what do you think of 8 Meadow? Do you think the buyer overpaid?

  2. Cos Cobber

    All things considered, I have been very surprised by the amount of activity in the sub $1.5MM market this August for Cos Cob, OG and Riverside. It doesnt blow your doors off, but there is activity.

  3. anony

    of course there’s activity. people gotta move from time to time. what compounds greenwich’s problem is that even at $1.5M, you have to live in a wreck. people were right to pay up for the privilege of living in this town years ago because the high school was top 10 in the country. now it’s not even top 30 in the state. smart buyers are going to westport instead.

  4. Cos Cobber

    I’ve looked a little bit at Westport. Nice town, but I’m not interested in the commute. I’d rather work in the same town I live in. Thats just me. I suppose I’m not alone given you can get more for your $$ in Westport too, so the market seems to agree. Long term, there is a fair chance Westport outperforms on housing appreciate over Greenwich, we shall see. Greenwich prices are more tied to Manhattan than anything. As Manhattan pushes young families out, we’ll be here for them.

    Plus Greenwich seems a bit more exciting. Sure we have small plots, overpriced homes, challenges with our schools (did you read the story about our excellent AP courses this week – stellar results) etc, but where else do you get the confluence of elite, upper class, neuvo rich, middle class, townies and working poor than this town. I believe we have the broadest economic range of any community in the country. I’m curious if anyone could name another community with at least 10k people (we have 62k!).

    Any how, Westport is nice; Darien too.

  5. Anonymous

    Westport sux

  6. JDinBkln

    Anything moving in Riverside/OG recently? Sub $1mil-info appreciated…

  7. Cos Cobber

    Bedford is beautiful EOS. Too rural for my wife however. Not that she opposes the country life, she just believes it should be partioned off to weekends only. I need a weekend house….

    CF, you have become so lazy on RE discussions. How about that very cute little house at 9 School Street in Cos Cob fetching 960k this week? Or how about 79 Loughlin selling for list price at 825k or that expanded ranch on Riverside Lane – near Balducci’s for 882k last week. That tudorish house on Linwood, just off Sound Beach ave sold for 1.390MM which is decent and then on Sound Beach ave itself there was an updated cape cod (if you will) which sold for the upper 800s this month as well. There is actually plenty more than that to talk about…and plenty on the market as well, so its not all sunshine and roses.

  8. Greenwich Gal

    I love Bedford. Tough train situation, however.

  9. Greenwich Gal

    Mr. Greenwich Gal does not ride.

  10. anony

    CosCobber. You seem so complacent about things. Almost like a toad in water on the way to boiling, you seem oblivious to just how bad things have gotten in my hometown. CF does a decent job of keeping people honest about what goes on there, but he’s more often than not just a Riverside booster. It’s such a shame that the town has fallen. Other towns like Westport are investing in their schools and communities, and there’s real town spirit. I would never think of buying in Greenwich today. The town needs a wake up call.

  11. Anonymous

    Anony, it’s because you can’t afford it. No need to be bitter.

  12. anony

    anonymous: so much for your admiration of the town’s diversity. i live in greenwich-sad to see the direction it’s taking. thanks for keeping up the town’s snobbish image with your comment though 😦

  13. Anonymous

    Perfect for you! Sell your overpriced dump in Greenwich and move into a palace in Westport.

  14. cos cobber

    My view of the town might change once my children begin matriculating through public school. At the moment, I still encounter more satisfied parents than unsatisfied with respect to our schools – by far. My eyes are wide open, we shall see. As a republican, I don’t know if I could tolerate westport’s vt style attitudes and government either.

  15. anony

    Republican? Who even knows what that term means anymore…If it means Sarah Palin and Glen Beck, give me “vt style attitudes and government,” whatever that means.

  16. Anonymous

    Nobody likes you anony.

  17. anony

    Words from the last picked in dodgeball, Anoymous!