This ought to frighten all of us, but especially Democrats

Thinking about Michelle Obama’s refusal to wait for her husband and insisting on a separate flight to MV makes me wonder whether Obama has a single political adviser with any sense of where the country’s at. How could anyone have approved this extra excursion  for Michelle, considering the President’s professed concern for “green” matters, cutting spending and when his fellow citizens are lined up looking for jobs? I don’t begrudge the guy (another) vacation, but they couldn’t wait four hours to travel together? The whole band in the White House seems completely clueless.

UPDATE: They say that Obummer’s only taken 61 vacation days during the past three years (not counting Michelle’s extra weeks) while Bush had more. I don’t see how this plays out with the American public. I had one,  four-day vacation in the past three years and I consider myself to be doing okay. Someone who’s been on “vacation” all that time may not be so sympathetic.


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40 responses to “This ought to frighten all of us, but especially Democrats

  1. CatoRenasci

    At the risk of total political incorrectness, consider the behavior of some of the legislators in ‘reconstructed’ Southern states immediately after the War. The high-handedness, corruption and indifference to the public fisc in the current administration could come right out of the most offensively racist histories of Reconstruction.

  2. InfoDiva

    One Democrat here who’s very frightened, indeed, at how tone deaf this White House is. Does the who-gives-a-damn attitude mean Obama thinks another term is not likely to happen?

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    There is not really a lot of stuff that bothers me. I tend to just go with the flow. Lose $7.0 billion to a crook? Life goes on right? As long as we all have our health!! I believe in chill.
    But this REALLY pisses me off. You are right on all counts, except one thing. You seem to lay blame on his advisers. Screw that. The POTUS has to be one of two things. 1) A selfish, hypocritical BASTARD, who just doesn’t care, 2) A moron, who really can’t understand what is going on around him, or 3) Delusional, and thinks he is above it all, and this is his birthright.
    This guy is in so over his head it is pathetic. And did you see this?
    We deserve what we get. It is our fault. Next election, I am just voting against any incumbent. Throw them ALL out.
    Want to do a road trip to the Vineyard this weekend? We can pretend to be reporters and see if we can do an interview!! I get to be the reporter. You hold the video cam. Sorry Dude. It was my idea.
    He will have to be going to The Black Dog, right? I DIDN”T MEAN IT THAT WAY DUDE!! It’s a famous place!! So we just stake that out. I will make him talk to me.
    I have tons of great questions I can ask him:
    “How do you like sleeping with a Wookie?”
    “What is the going rate these days for a Presidential Pardon? “(I really need to know this one Dude. This is not a trick question)
    “Be honest. Even you think Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters are bat shit crazy, right?”
    “When you get into a fight with your wife, do you ever put your finger on the button, and tell her to cut the shit out or else?”
    I have plenty more!! Pick you up at 10:00 tomorrow.
    Your Pal,

  4. The Duke of Deception

    Clueless bordering on the criminally negligent…

  5. West Coast Dem.

    From BI: In Washington, the “plugged-in” people will tell you gravely that the president isn’t enjoying the work. He feels, it is said, “beleaguered” and “unappreciated” and “deeply unhappy” about the state of our politics.

    Really? Really? I feel tears of rage filling my eyes reading that story again this morning. I honestly believe we’d be in better shape had Hillary gotten the nomination and either she or McCain had won.

    This MF is pouting? The making of the Tea Party was there in the waning months of Bush’s presidency but Obama poured gasoline on that small fire.

  6. Daniel

    I would add the Obama family acts like they are entitled to all of their largess.

  7. Stanwich

    A failed presidency before it even started. Resolutely indifferent to the political climate in this country right now. Arrogantly spewing hypocritical rhetorical nonsense. He never accomplished anything of note before his presidency and doesn’t have the political will to do anything now. A complete failure. The only chance at a second term is a Perry/Bachmann ticket.

  8. Greenwich Gal

    I’d rather have Hillary before the rightwing, Evangelical nutcase Bachmann. Perry is not much better, unless he is faking the religiosity, but I doubt it.

  9. Greenwich Gal

    It is so unfortunate. Really. I didn’t vote for him but I did wish him well as I hoped he would learn and do the right thing. He is just so over his head and is offering no leadership at all. One of our problems is who would want this job? You would be crazy to take it and have your life ripped to shreds. Only narcissits and borderline personality disorder patients need apply. Our nation is truly torn – there are wildly differing sets of values out there. America no longer has a clear vision of who it is. And those that think they do have the vision are extremists. The only politicans with any national “play” I can think of who offer a centrist, reasonable vision is Christy or Bloomberg.

  10. Walt

    Dude –
    Ergo – You are nuts. And you don’t want the job? TAG!! You’re it!! I have your campaign slogan!! “Vote for The Dude. He is to dumb to do anything wrong!!”
    What do you think?
    Your Pal,

  11. TraderVic

    I’ve been wondering for a while if the Obama’s marriage is on the rocks. It seems to be the logical conclusion from many of their actions.

  12. Inagua

    “He is just so over his head and is offering no leadership at all.”

    I disagree. He knows exactly what he is doing — transforming America into a European-style social welfare state — and he has done more to advance this goal than any previous Democrat. He did it by letting the Democrats in Congress fill out their wish lists, and he signed it all, from ObamaCare, to cash-for-clunkers, to the auto bailouts, to the Stimulus, etc. Obama offers first rate leadership, only it not the kind most observers are used to. He doesn’t advocate specific policies. He offers gaseous generalities devoid of specifics. Look at all the morons who actually thought Obama offered a deal on debt reduction. He did no such thing. He is a master of empty platitudes, which is a very effective type of leadership because it satisfies most rank and file liberal voters, who mostly just want to feel good about themselves. He uses his charming and non-threatening personality to blather bromides that these morons confuse with substance. He leads by force of personality, and his courtiers, both in the Adminstration and the media, do their part by savaging and belittling his opponents on irrelevant, non-germane policy grounds like intemperate statements or religous practice. This man is very smart, very shrewd, and an exceptional leader, albeit in an unconventional way. It also helps to be a doctrinaire liberal who literally has no idea the damage liberal economic policies do to a country.

  13. Greenwich Old Timer

    I must report that Walt’s comment about sleeping with a Wookie made me laugh outloud. What would we do without him?

  14. Peg

    What GG said:

    “I didn’t vote for him but I did wish him well as I hoped he would learn and do the right thing. He is just so over his head and is offering no leadership at all. One of our problems is who would want this job? You would be crazy to take it and have your life ripped to shreds. Only narcissits and borderline personality disorder patients need apply. Our nation is truly torn – there are wildly differing sets of values out there. America no longer has a clear vision of who it is. And those that think they do have the vision are extremists.”

  15. Greenwich Gal

    Inagua – I disagree with you wholeheartedly. If he was so smart he would be promoting those beliefs and selling them! That is what leaders do. He would say in a coherent and charismatic way what he believes and why and people would follow – at least more than he has now. But he has people disappointed on both sides of the aisle. His natural constituents think he is a loser. As you can tell from his poll numbers – Nobody is buyin’ what he is sellin’!

  16. Anyone But Obama

    2012 FWIW Ticket
    Walt for President (Kim Kardashian, First Lady)
    Roger Kaputnik, Veep and Secretary of Best Comments at FWIW
    The Duke of Deception, Secretary of State
    Retired IBr, Secretary of the Treasury
    Cobra, Secretary of Defense
    Inagua, Secretary of Homeland Security
    EarthImage, Secretary of Transportation and Labor
    Delving Eye, Secretary of Education
    Peg and Greg, Co-Secretary of Housing
    IDAHO, Secretary of Agriculture
    Greenwich Gal, Secretary of the Interior
    Cos Cobber, Secretary of Justice
    Teri Buhl, Head of the CIA
    Peeps, Chief of Staff and White House Translator
    EOsRedux, Ambassador to the United Nations & Official Photographer
    Chris Fountain, Secretary of EPA

  17. fred

    Iguana is correct. Barry knows exactly what he is doing. Of course there is a big difference btw Obamas Socialism model and the EU version. Obamas model is facist.

    And Chris, you better get used to the Obamas and their cronies living high on the taxpayer dime (for the rest of their lives). Thats what ex presidents get.

    And alas, one may conclude that Michelle -the orangutan- is flippin the the bird to the whitey establishment -on purpose.

  18. anon

    does anyone who reads this blog like obama? i’m feeling encouraged reading these responses that we can be done with him once and for all! Michelle is DYING to become a WASP by the way. Her vacations piss me off even more than the president’s vacations bc she takes them constantly. She is just awful- I have thought so ever since she made the comment of being finally proud to be an american. This couple love themselves so much and I think believe the hype of 3 years ago. Obama thinks he is the messiah. Go back to working for ACORN.

  19. Anonymous

    @ABO, that’s fantastic but Krazy Kat needs a position in the cabinet too!

  20. Inagua

    “If he was so smart he would be promoting those beliefs and selling them!”

    It is precisely because he is so smart that he does not openly and honestly sell his beliefs. He basically believes in the power of the government to do good through increased regulation and increased government spending. Obama did not say about health care, “I want to regulate one-sixth of the economy.” He said he wanted to expand heath care coverage and “bend the cost curve.” Obama did not say, “I want to fund every pet project of every Democratic member of Congress.” Obama said, “Here is a Stimulus Package of shovel ready projects that will provide jobs.” Obama did not say, “I want to save every UAW job and pension.” Obama said, “I want to save iconic American companies from liquidation.”

    He does this all in the mistaken belief that “it spreads the wealth.”He deliberately misleads the public about this because he knows he can, as most voters are too stupid to see through his banalities. I call that very smart and very effective leadership. Even if he cannot do anything more than get re-elected he will be one of the most consequential presidents in American history. If reelected, he can veto any Congressional effort at fiscal sanity, and his trillions of borrowing will almost certainly require increases taxes, especially as he will veto any entitlement reform. He has already taken the federal government’s share of GDP from an historic average of 19% to 24%, and he would like to get it much higher. He may well succeed, especially if opponents of his policies refuse to vote for the alternative because the alternative believes in golden tablets, public prayer meetings, or traditional marriage.

  21. The Duke of Deception

    If nominated, The Duke will serve.

  22. ANON

    unfortunately, here i am in marthas vineyard with the disgraceful visit of ONobma. We took the childrfen to a bead store to make necklaces and in their change, they were handed fake 1 million bills with obam.ASS ‘S SMILING face . oh god deliver me from THIS MESS. ITS SHOCKING, DISGUSTING AND VERY VERY SAD FOR US ALL.

  23. Libertarian Advocate

    Here’s an alternative scenario: Obama is in fact a deep cover Republican mole within the Democrats, inserted to rapidly push through that party’s wet dream of a socialist America and thereby expose the Democrats for what they truly are and thereby wake the people from their apathetic slumber.

    No, I don’t really believe the above, but let’s see how many liberals we can get to pick up the theme and blame the Republicans for all of the Narcissist-in-Chief’s manifest f**k ups.

  24. Inagua

    GG – Let me try explaining Obama from a different perspective — that he doesn’t sell specific policies; he sells himself, his personality, his very being. The media cooperated by telling the rubes that he was a new kind of politician, post-racial and post-partisan, who would bring us together. He was almost a God; he sent a thrill up one’s leg. It was all nonsense, but it sounded good to the rubes, and it got him elected.

    Now that the it hasn’t worked out so well, Obama is still stressing personality, only this time it is to attack possible opponents. Do you remember “Mitt Romney is Weird Day?” We are being treated to Michele Bachmann is crazy (which I admit is probably true) and that Rick Perry is an intemperate upstart not ready for prime time (also probably true.)

    But I don’t care because any Republican will sign repeal of ObamaCare, Dodd-Frank, the ethanol mandate, funding for Public Broadcasting, etc. Also, any Republican will sign social security reform. Consider just this one fact: when social security started average life span in America was 64 years. Today it is almost 20 years longer, but the full eligibiity age has been increased by only one year. You don’t have to be a math whiz to understand what that means.

    The Republicans are very likely to get control of Congess next year, but it will result in very little change if Obama remains in the White House to veto any moves toward fiscal sanity.

  25. Anyone But Obama

    I knew I’d forget someone important. Yes, Krazy Kat, the Freds, an Anonymous or two, Stanwich, Richard….so many more but I was thinking on the fly.

  26. Inagua

    Fred – You are of course correct, although I shy from the F-word because of its historical associations. But that is exactly how Obama is increasing government influence over the economy. The commandig heights model that Lenin tried didn’t work; the European welfare state model didn’t work; and now Obama is trying what I call prefer to call the soft socialism of regulation, and what you call by its proper name. A lot is at stake if ObamaCare holds.

  27. Inagua: How do you have time to comment this morning? I figure you’d be too busy donning something black or white (per invitation request) to stroll over to Kim’s wedding….lest you are one of the fifty unlucky souls who got their invites pulled when the Montecito Fire Marshal declared the venue too small for the number of guests? The wedding digs look pretty decent – CF should have taken you up to stay in your guest house this weekend and he could have crashed the wedding and brought back a nice piece of………….

  28. Inagua

    EOS – The Biltmore is a wonderful hotel. But Saturday is one of my poker days, so Kim K lost out.

  29. Greenwich Gal

    Inagua hangin’ with the Kardashians! Very funny EOS – would love to see a conversation about monetary policy between Kim and Inagua! Now that is something I would actually watch! I can just imagine Kim’s blank stares now.
    But back to the subject at hand – You know I respect you, Inagua and I understand how very much afraid you are for our country. I am with you there. However, I don’t think Obama really wanted to go down as another Jimmy Carter which is what is happening. I don’t think he has the country behind him which is what one needs to have been cosidered successful. I think he thought he was going to be perceived as another FDR and that pipe dream is just not coming true.

  30. IDAHO

    One thing Obama is doing is keeping the spotlight off of the congress folks who are out seeing the World on our dime right now………

  31. Tsk, Tsk, GG: I know you think Kim is trash but I’m here to tell you this woman is quite business savvy. She’s a brand, with her perfume “Love”, to commemorate the nuptials, selling for $100/bottle. She’s one of the highest paid reality stars; she’s sold the exclusive rights for the wedding photos to a magazine and E! will have a Kardashian wedding special. That all adds up to “monetary policy” in my book. Big time. I would venture to say she’ll recoup the reported million+ dollar wedding costs in no time. Don’t underestimate her!!! It might be Inagua who has the blank stare in that conversation. 🙂

  32. Greenwich Gal

    You may be right EOS. KK is making a killing with this inane reality show biz. Not that there is anything “real” being filmed. I wonder if perhaps, I too, might be able to get in on this gig…Do you think people might watch a show about a Greenwich housewife as she tries to educate her children in an increasingly crass world, support her financier husband in an increasingly confusing and desperate economy, volunteer in public institutions and be a member of a church which at times seems increasingly irrelevent and find some sense of self worth and satisfaction along the way? Nah…nobody would be watching unless I get crazy plastic surgery and start wearing slut mama clothes and swilling chardonnay by the gallon.

  33. Inagua

    EOS – I admit to not being au courant with Alll Things Kardashian, but I did see an article in today’s Washington Post which included the following:

    “The smut that the show was founded on (Kim’s sex tape with R&B singer and fellow reality star Ray J “leaked” about eight months before “Keeping Up” began its run) has proved pervasive. All of the show’s four principal, of-age women — Kris and her daughters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney — have had story lines involving nude photos of them. Almost all of them have relieved themselves on camera. Kris’s face-lift was documented, as was Kim’s cellulite-lasering and Botox injections. Kris’s husband, Olympic gold medal decathlete Bruce Jenner, had a colonoscopy on the show. Kris’s youngest daughters, Kylie and Kendall, once played “Girls Gone Wild” by lifting up their shirts and yelling “Woo!” while their half-brother Brody Jenner’s manager filmed them with a hand-held camera. At the time they were 9 and 11, respectively.”

    These people sound warped, disgusting, and pathetic. I understand that they are growing rich by sharing their vapid narcissistic lives with TV audiences. But who is watching? And why?

  34. Inagua

    GG – If you are right and Obama is a one-termer like Carter, I will be very relieved. I greatly fear and am highly confident that he will be reelected.

  35. GG: Sad but true that living a normal life is not TV worthy. I suspect our lives are fairly similar (although my kids are grown and gone and I prefer Bedford to Greenwich) but the GG & EOS Show would be Father Knows Best or Gidget Redux, when life’s biggest crisis was if the blue dress was ironed for the dance Saturday night. When my daughters get hitched, I’d sure like to find a way of defraying the cost of THREE couture Vera Wang gowns. That’s why I find this whole wedding event so fascinating – she splurged but then turned it all into a business deal. Smart cookie.

    Inagua: Kim alone has nearly 10 MILLION Twitter followers. The family has a huge audience on the E! channel, often called the Kardashian channel. I’ve watched the shows from time to time, as entertainment, because I like to see everything that’s out there. I watch all things that fascinate me. Life would be so boring to watch only things that I experience. The Kardashians are like a car wreck – it happens, you know you shouldn’t look when you drive by, but you slow down and crank your neck to see it all, even hoping there’s some blood and gore. THAT’S why they have so many viewers!!

  36. Greenwich Gal

    IT IS ALL SO SAD! Here we are as a nation going down the freakin’ tubes and everybody is watching an uneducated, semi-pornstar chick with nary a thought in her head get married to another room temp IQ type who is probably just marrying her because he is a marginal basketball player and this will give him another career because it sure isn’t going to be investment banking or whatever. Lindsay Lohan is at the wedding so they can film that disaster for our viewing pleasure! Donald TRUMP had better things to do. What else do you need to know? We are in deep do-do.