Well duh

NYT: “Green Jobs” promise a flop. Taxing U.S. citizens to subsidize Chinese to manufacture solar equipment and sell it back to us never made sense to some of us but then, we aren’t Democrats.


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5 responses to “Well duh

  1. HG

    “$59 million in state, federal and private money dedicated to green jobs training and apprenticeship has led to only 719 job placements — the equivalent of an $82,000 subsidy for each one.”

    Ah! Now I understand. This is why we have to increase taxes.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Thomas Friedman unavailable for comment?

    And how did this article slip through the Obama sentries?

  3. Anonymous

    The single most infuriating paragraph in that article, IMO:
    Advocates and entrepreneurs also blame Washington for the slow growth. Mr. Jones cited the failure of so-called cap and trade legislation, which would have cut carbon pollution and increased the cost of using fossil fuel, making alternative energy more competitive. Congressional Republicans have staunchly opposed cap-and-trade.

    If you must artificially raise the price of an existing good to make your desired good “competitive”, you need to fix your desired good’s price/features instead of using legislation to force people to change.

  4. towny

    Anybody ever heard of Greaseguys Biopur of Ct?

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    Too bad I didn’t go to Harvard. Had I, I might have been a scam artist too.