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Could help the Florida construction business

Possible hurricane may hit Florida Thursday.


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What a mess for Glenville School parents

And commuters. Riversville Road and Glenville Road will be totally screwed up for the next month as an old water main is replace d. Dig we must.


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I’d say the feeling is mutual

Maxine Waters: “the tea party can go straight to hell”.


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Family time with hubby and kids

Michelle wears iPod on way to beach with Barak and the girls. I don’t like this woman.


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Of course, then there’s the question of what comes next

Looks like Kadaffy is going down.

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For want of a nail

Greece approves a 51 million euro bailout of a tiny bank “to avert a run on the banks”.  Is the Greek banking system really so fragile? This is chump change, as banks go, so if the government is this worried about such a small mouse then either the system is tottering or, just as likely, knowing the Greeks, a bit of corruption to bail out a crony. But if it’s the former, watch out.


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A mighty wind

Anyone else get those high winds blowing through an hour ago? Pretty amazing down here in Riverside but no loss of power and no rain so it was just an amazing phenomenon rather than anything annoying or serious. Fun and entertaining, but I hope everyone else fared as well. The sky is still dark and threatening to the west so there may be trouble brewing yet.


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A nation of wannabes?

Interesting video from Guns & Ammo on the proper shooting stance.I enjoy owning, maintaining and shooting rifles and pistols, but to read these types of articles, you’d think we were a nation under siege. And perhaps we will be – Rhodesian farmers found that out several decades ago. But for now, apart from certain cities: El Paso and Los Angeles come to mind, we really aren’t a nation under siege. Nothing wrong with being well trained in shooting and in fact I may take a refresher course myself, but we really aren’t in Indian country. I suspect many of us wish we were. Adds a bit of excitement to boring old modern life.


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