I’d say the feeling is mutual

Maxine Waters: “the tea party can go straight to hell”.


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8 responses to “I’d say the feeling is mutual

  1. Anonymous

    Longer version of the news clip:

    Script be flipped? Honey, that “what are you gonna do for me next” attitude is what people are tired of although I can feel sympathy for some of those who spoke.

    Well, I guess I won’t be getting away from Mad Max in the afterlife either.😦
    It’s good to see that the House is still pursuing the case against her of ethics violations, perhaps that is why she’s lashing out at everyone now.

    She’s an evil corrupt woman and her co-panelists Karen Bass and Laura Richardson aren’t much better.

  2. Anonymous

    This woman and her collaborating legislators just stink, stink, stink to high heaven. Out with them, preferably into a common jail cell with a single toilet for them all to share.


  3. anon

    last week maxine was all up in the president’s face, asking him what his plans are for change. i’m guessing she got a phone call late at night from dem operatives – so this week, she’s hopped up on bashing the tea party. the woman is certifiable.

  4. atticus

    ‘Riot Is the Voice of the Unheard’
    Tea-party foe Maxine Waters once made excuses for real political violence.

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    I was in Inglewood 2 years ago outfitting my son for freshman year at a nearby college. Inglewood’s combined State and City sales tax rate was more than 11%. So much for helping the poor.

  6. just_looking

    The electorate cannot be trusted. Yes I have said this before. One answer, term limits.

  7. The Duke of Deception

    Well at least she’s toning down the rhetoric.