Oh, now this is really sad

Steve Jobs steps down from Apple. Such a brilliant man, and such a loss. This truly sucks.


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7 responses to “Oh, now this is really sad

  1. This is when you realize that no amount of money can ensure good health. Of healthy, wealthy and wise, I’d choose healthy every time.

    I don’t remember what particular cancer he has but surely his resignation means he can no longer stop the inevitable. Sucks is the understatement.

    • Pancreatic cancer, EOS which, so far as I know, is always fatal. For myself, I’d chose wise from your trio, but for many years Jobs had all three, and the world was the beneficiary.

  2. I wonder how bad the hit on the stock will be. I can feel the ouch already.

    • It went down 5% immediately Richard, which is sort of odd, because we all knew he was sick and that this day had to come, so shouldn’t that have been figured into the price? Still, I guess investors and this non-investor alike hoped he’d somehow stick around.

  3. My dad died of pancreatic cancer. Killed him in a couple of months. Age 91, never sick one day in his life before the diagnosis. He refused treatment.

    Wise is a good choice. I’ll stick with my healthy. We just need someone to chime in for wealthy to round out our threesome.

  4. I got in at around $90 in 2008 when the market was well and truly hosed, so I’m sure I’ll be fine. I bought Amazon then too.

    The 5% drop is probably an over reaction.