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My heavens

Yankees hit three (!) grand slams, win 22-9. Don’t have to be a Yankee fan to be impressed by that record-breaking feat.


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Oh, for God’s sake

House Republican chief Eric Cantor says that any hurricane relief must be balanced by spending cuts.  I am all for slashing federal spending, but you don’t turn a natural disaster into a political moment. If Irene hits, then that’s why we have a large federal government. Drop dead, Cantor.


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I may be gone for a week or two

$2 million bounty offered for Kahdaffy.


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Man kills bear, state prosecutes

Grizzly bear is shot and the shooter is prosecuted, much to his neighbors’ distress. To my lawyer readers out there, what’s the term , from Scotland, I believe, for a jury’s refusal to obey the law? I sense that will happen here.

UPDATE: Inagua nailed it: “Jury nullification”. That’s why our constitution gives us the right to a trial by  our peers:  There’s not an Idaho citizen out there who would convict a neighbor for protecting his family, regardless of what Washington  thinks.


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More on Irene from Brendan Loy

Lots of good stuff here. For a Mid-Westerner, he knows his stuff including the knowledge that Gloria (1985) hit us at low tide. I was just mentioning that to my brother John this morning. We had a huge storm surge – maybe 8 feet – and had we had an additional 8′ of high tide, things could have been fun. I’m not panicking and don’t intend to do much more than check my flashlight batteries and perhaps move the cars up the street to gain an additional ten feet of space from the water, but this is clearly a storm to keep an eye on. Let’s hope it veers east.


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Not ignoring real estate

There just isn’t any news. Nothing on today’s broker open house tour today, for instance. But I know that I’m working on several deals and I’d guess that many other brokers are busy too, so let’s see what post-Labor Day brings.  The market is not dead.


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Heh – Kinky Friedman: “hell yes, I’d vote for Rick Perry”

“Obama’s done for the economy what pantyhose did for foreplay”


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This is why Instapundit is so much fun

From the Professor:

WELL, THEN ALLAH’S PRETTY MUCH A WUSS, ISN’T HE? Online Islamist: East Coast earthquake ‘Allah’s punishment on Americans.’

Because the East Coast earthquake wasn’t exactly your wrath-of-god material. And if Allah punishes those who offend him, the Islamic world must have done something pretty bad, given how overwhelmingly poor, backward, and benighted it is.

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Steve Jobs: America’s greatest failure

The author points out that Jobs failed spectacularly several times, and unlike most of us, learned from those experiences each time, leading eventually to his achievements finally matching his genius. I’m going to dig up his Stanford commencement address and I’ll update this post when I do – a great, great speech.

UPDATE: Ah! Here it is.


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Alternatives to chlorinating pools

In the Wall Street Journal. When I was a kid my family belonged to the Manursing Island Club in Rye, a wonderful place, and they had a saltwater pool. These days, “saltwater” seems to be a misnomer, but there are alternatives to pure chlorine.


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You just can’t get anything by the cops these days

Job interviewee discovers her would-be employers dead.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — A woman in Arizona made a shocking discovery when she found the man and woman who were considering employing her as a personal assistant dead at their home, myFOXphoenix reported Friday.The woman, who has not been named, showed up at the house in Scottsdale, Ariz., on Thursday morning to interview for the position, authorities said.

But when she approached the front door, she saw the dead bodies of an adult man and woman on the front patio.

The pair appeared to have been shot, authorities said. Police were treating the deaths as suspicious.


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Catamarans can flip, but they don’t sink

I love them. Here’s a French one that flipped in Long Island Sound  in that wind storm I mentioned earlier this week. 

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Our government never sleeps

New regulations for goat herders. 

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Irene – ah, this could be more than “interesting”

Depending, this hurricane could really, really hammer us.


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