Our government never sleeps

Justice department shuts down Gibson guitar factory because it allegedly uses wood from India. American workers thrown from the workforce when even India isn’t complaining. Again I ask, is there an agenda here?


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  1. Urbane Forester

    The issue here is illegal logging, one of the world’s serious forestry problems. Protected species of timber are as valuable to their regions as over-fished species are to the maritime economy.

    If you approve of fishing limits, then it is logical to support the required chain of custody paperwork certifications for endangered tropical wood resources.

    Hey, man, we’re talking Gibson guitars, not tongue depressors. This is serious stuff. http://www.illegal-logging.info/approach.php?a_id=111

  2. Jimmy Hoffa

    I wonder if the Gibson workers are union.

  3. Anonymous

    This is round 2 according to the WSJ. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424053111904787404576530520471223268.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

    Pretty awful laws for people who own antique musical instruments.

  4. Gibson Nashville/Memphis manufacture the electric Gibson line. Gibson Montana makes their acoustics. They make way more electrics than acoustics, so it follows the raid was in Nashville/Memphis. Still, one would think Gibson legally clears their wood inventory at the time of purchase through a broker, or some sort of Federal import authorization. It doesn’t make sense our Government would resort to a raid, close the place down, and put a lot of people out of work. I say Yes to an agenda, but what? Gibson’s been making musical instruments for over 100 years, for Christ’s sake…it’s not as if they’re selling heroin.

  5. Anonymous

    There’s an agenda – why is the SEC investigating fracking?

  6. Cobra

    A few years ago, I put one of my guitars, a 1903 Martin 00-42, on the market after about 20 years of ownership. I was advised not to entertain any offers from outside the US. The serial number stamped on the neck block clearly indicated its 1903 year of manufacture, and it featured an ivory bridge and nut, and likely all the outer binding as well, per Martin’s well documented specifications for that model and year. However, I could not document beyond a shadow of a doubt that all of the ivory was original, not replaced as might be the case had it been more recently restored (the guitar was 100% original, but I couldn’t prove that reality beyond an expert’s examination and written appraisal). Further, the back and sides, original as well, were quarter-sawn Brazilian rosewood, also a restricted material. I was advised that the instrument would very likely be confiscated if I attempted to ship it outside the US. As it turned out, it sold quickly for asking price to a US-based collector, thus avoiding any governmental bullshit.

  7. Anonymous

    Their rival, Martin Guitar has a Dem donor as CEO. The CEO of Gibson is a Republican donor. ‘Nuf said.

    The Obama Administration is moving up the start time of the upcoming North American wargames.