(Probably) no bluefish tournament this weekend

Bummer. Last year, I went out with Greenwich builder Lou van Leewuen and tied into a huge one. We were just fishing, but five minutes into the fight, I remembered the tournament and thought I might have a winner. It was then, of course, that the damn fish spit the hook. Based on my fishing in the ’80’s, when bluefish ran large, I suspect we had a real winner on the line, but so it goes.


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2 responses to “(Probably) no bluefish tournament this weekend

  1. Forget about this tourney, one year you ought to book a cabin on Chappy and fish the MV Bass and Bluefish Derby. Not only is the Vineyard gorgeous in the fall, but most of the summer dinks have left so the place isn’t overrun. I might still have a residents coupon book for the Chappy Ferry.

    Mr. EOS won many a first place back in the 1970s, when he slept in his white Jeep truck out at Wasque for a week at a time, surf casting with a fly rod. He taught me how to fish (among other things!)…god, those were the days! We were both dirt poor, living in a hovel, but I think back to those days being some of the happiest times ever. I’ve told my kids over and over, you don’t really understand life until you are poor and have to make it completely on your own. But that a conversation for another day.

    PS: Is your reunion cancelled too – or have they been able to move it from the yacht club?