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Troll on the loose

I keep receiving, and trashing, angry postings from some asshole. I enjoy your messages, sir, and keep them coming, but I am reserving them for my private enjoyment.


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Just goddamned stupid

Obama wants to bail out the banks and artificially support housing prices. I won’t claim “genius” status for my high school peers, but as bunch, some of us have prospered, some of us (that would be me) have not, but we all seem to agree that the answer to the housing mess is to let the market clear things out. Propping up prices just keeps new buyers from getting houses and prolongs the agony. Yet that seems to be Obama’s plan. Bad idea.


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Ooo, thunder!

10:50, wind is blowing again and just heard some serious thunder. This might get interesting after all.


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News you can’t use

High tide’s at 10:47 PM and just checked (10:30) – no surge yet. Maybe tomorrow.

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All is right in the world

The Naked Cowboy has donned a life-preserver

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Back from the reunion

To be perfectly honest, the pre-reunion reunion held at my friend Mike Horton’s house was all I needed: saw some great friends, some of whom I’d lost touch with over the years and it was great to catch up. The official reunion? Eh. Fun to see GPD Folk but otherwise, there’s probably a reason most of us haven’t kept up all these years. Anyway, I made a round through the room and headed home.


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Tired of hurricane news? There’s this:

Restaurant bathroom sex on the rise.


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Excuse me, but aren’t we getting a little carried away?

Malloy shuts down the highways, MetroNorth quit at noon, we were visited by a nice young lad an hour ago urging us to evacuate, but huh? It’s just a storm – we’ve had them before.


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(11:30) Rain has arrived

Is this part of Irene? I don’t know, but it’s coming down hard.


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Abundance of caution?

My creek neighbor has just applied plywood to his windows. I don’t know – the house faces east, we’re well off Long Island Sound and, in my experience, we’ve never had a problem here, but maybe he knows better.

UPDATE: funny thing is, while I don’t think there’s any danger from wind-blown debris, a storm surge might be a different matter, yet this guy has left his entire lower floor unprotected. The water ain’t coming up to your second floor, buddy.


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