Back from the reunion

To be perfectly honest, the pre-reunion reunion held at my friend Mike Horton’s house was all I needed: saw some great friends, some of whom I’d lost touch with over the years and it was great to catch up. The official reunion? Eh. Fun to see GPD Folk but otherwise, there’s probably a reason most of us haven’t kept up all these years. Anyway, I made a round through the room and headed home.


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3 responses to “Back from the reunion

  1. GPD Folk

    And it was good to see you too my friend!

  2. Walt

    Can your Horton buddy get me a doughnut deal? I hear they are pretty good.
    And GPD Folk. Can you get me one of those get out of jail free cards? That would be pretty sweet.
    So Dude, did you mingle or just play wallflower in the corner? Did you dance with the hottie to Stairway to Heaven while you dry humped her for ten minutes? I hope so. You horn dog.
    Your Pal,