Troll on the loose

I keep receiving, and trashing, angry postings from some asshole. I enjoy your messages, sir, and keep them coming, but I am reserving them for my private enjoyment.


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18 responses to “Troll on the loose

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    Well that sucks CF, I’mpretty confident that plenty of your other regulars would love to read Mister Axelrod’s missives.

  2. Last Liberal Standing

    Curious here. Is there a specific political or social inclination detectable? Is the sender an actual lunatic?

  3. This is great!

    Tell us more without giving names. Aberant people and their rants are interesting. What could piss someone off is also curious. Anger is a source of rebellion. What is someone agree about? My guess – the price of tea in China!

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    So post them up. I will try and reason with him.
    What is on the menu for today? Drowned squirrel au pouve?
    Night crawler crackers?
    I hope you and Mom are dry. And don’t feed her road kill.
    Your Pal,

  5. Relax, it’s just your assigned Move On/DNC operative trying to keep you in line.

    • I suspect it’s a mommy upset about my comment a few weeks ago about her kids doing lines of cocaine. I never identified the house or the kids but someone seems upset that, living next door to a prolific blogger, he comments on what he sees.

  6. Anonymous

    What is the plywood circus? Will it be there tomorrow?

  7. Sound Beacher

    Good thing you hadn’t posted those photos either! Maybe you could put together an album with his quotes as a welcome to the neighborhood gift. Just an idea.

  8. Anonymous

    Can you repost the original comment, I missed it? I’ve been busy lately!

  9. pulled up in OG

    Shoulda snuck out last night and tagged it with the DQ logo.

  10. Last Liberal Standing

    Do I detect a dangling modifier in your 9:57 am message?

  11. Peeps

    Or is it that the kids didn’t share?

  12. Peeps

    Seriously, though, what makes you think we don’t want to read the rants? Maybe the ranting ravings are some kind of expressive performance art.

  13. Freedomofspeach

    Peeping Tom is at again! Is this Norman Bates in sequel 3? Sitting in the rocking chair,spying on the neighbors,waiting for Ma to holler out to get back inside and that them Squirrel soup is done?! Can’t wait to hear who’s going to be the next gossip and invasion of privacy on the Creek! Close your drapes and shutters,unfortunately this area is no longer a private haven..Consider yourself living in a communist society that is always being watched..or is that what one would define as a “Modern day Blogger?!” That being said,one would assume all responses would be printed..not only the ones that agree with the writer,coward in my eyes..Isn’t it incredibly lame and boring? If so..and you have not a brain or a voice to speak the truth to an
    ignorant,critical,condescending,disrespectful human being..who may turn his back on you anytime..then continue to read this disgusting garbage and be part of the human race that has no compassion..nor respect for each other…

  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous 1, I vaguely remembered reading the comment but it took me forever to find it.

    If Chris is right, then the “troll” probably has a few more concerns other than the crack about his/her kid.

    The crack is down in the comments but the original post addressed the same neighbor.

  15. Inagua

    “Do I detect a dangling modifier in your 9:57 am message?”

    LLS – I can not resist. Please grade the grammar in this thousand word essay by the then editor of the Harvard Law Review.

    Hint: the very first sentence, “Since the merits of the Law Review’s selection policy has been the subject of commentary for the last three issues, I’d like to take the time to clarify exactly how our selection process works,” has a great example of subject/predicate disagreement. Merits has?

    How many more errors can you find?