But Eric Holder is still in office

The ATF botched sting operation that resulted in hundreds, if not thousands of automatic weapons winding up in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels has resulted in its first political casualty, the head of the ATF. But all indications are that this operation was approved at the highest level, including U.S. Attorney Eric Holder. Until he goes, this is just eyewash.


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4 responses to “But Eric Holder is still in office

  1. Anonymous

    The official and dishonest meme is that Operation Fast and Furious is a “botched sting operation.”

    Operation Fast and Furious is a deliberate and purposeful effort by Obama and Holder to create a false narrative of an “Iron River” of US guns flowing to Mexico, in order to circumvent the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution by regulatory fiat.

    BATFE, delivered over 2,000 firearms to Mexican drug cartels- enough to outfit a battalion of drug criminals. These weapons were used in the murders of two US agents, the murder of hundreds of Mexicans, and countless other crimes.

    As documented in internal BATFE and DoJ emails, there was active cheering among Fast and Furious proponents, as border violence and murders escalated, thus justifying additional funding (including stimulus funds) for their corrupt and evil false flag operation.

    Operation Fast and Furious is deliberate TREASON directed by Obama and Holder with the complicity of Napolitano of DHS and Mueller of the FBI.

    Treason is a capital offense.

  2. OG17

    Anon is right that Obama was going to use Fast and Furious to move against gun owners. Remember all the headlines about US guns ending up in Mexico? This was around the time Calderon made the speech trashing Arizona’s immigration laws and pushed for a new assault weapons ban in Congress. Well guess who was selling them the guns. Despite this scandal the ATF pushed through reporting on multiple semi-auto rifle sales in 4 border states, gun shops and the NRA are now suing to overturn this requirement.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Anon & OG17: Yet, there the two sit, protected by a willing and complicit corporate media that endlessly replay the same implausible theme, a la Orwell’s telescreen.

    Later, if Obama has to ditch Holder at some point before the election, he’ll pardon him at 02:00 on January 15th, 2013, just before he himself flees to Venezuela with Mooch, the kids his Chicago retinue. Don’t miss that flight Rahm.

  4. networthdeclining

    This may go down as one of the looniest programs ever and certainly is a good example of the lack of common sense at the highest levels of our government. The complete inability to see things plainly and not through the lens of thinking they are smarter and trickier and more clever than the entire world.