We had this discussion last year but the U.S. Open is once again upon us

Maria Sharapova and her peers should just shut the f*** up. Their grunts, screams and squeals make women’s tennis completely unwatchable.


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6 responses to “We had this discussion last year but the U.S. Open is once again upon us

  1. Hu Nhu?

    Close your eyes and imagine you’re making love to her and the screams, grunts and squeals transform themselves………

  2. Fake Walt

    As much as it hurts to admit, I agree with you CF. Is there anything more annoying than women’s grunting in tennis? Give me a break with all this f*cking grunting! Enough al-freaking-ready! We get it! You think that shrieking like a hyena makes you tough. Great! NOW STOP IT! It’s annoying as hell! Sharapova ought to be banned for life. I am turning the TV off. Actually, I am changing the channel to see the Yanks vs. Red Sux

    I would like to take this opportunity to try and convince your other 2 readers that I am innocent of the crimes I’ve been accused of. Due diligence my friend!

    Off to St. Trop

    Kind regards,

    Fake Walt

  3. Swanton

    I couldn’t agree more. One minor point, though. The Williams sisters weren’t the original grunters. That dubious distinction goes to Monica Seles, I believe.
    Shrieks and grunts aren’t limited to the women, either. There are a couple of men who employ that cheap tactic.

  4. Hu Nhu?

    Mission Accomplished!

  5. AmyT

    Ladies, the truly fierce make it look easy. See Navratalova, Martina.