We’re back!

At least in Riverside (Ole’s Creek and Shoal Point, anyway, but I’m hoping the whole area), as of 9:00 PM. Tomorrow comes the stinky task of tossing out everything in the refrigerator but that’s okay. And the generators of my neighbors have shut off, restoring quiet. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t begrudge them their machines and in fact I’d like to have one myself, but my Lord, they’re noisy. Now let’s just hope Katia moves out to sea and we avoid this same mess next week.


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21 responses to “We’re back!

  1. Brit

    Riverside ave too

  2. Don't get me started

    My willow caused your outage, they fixed the transformer between 6.15 and 7.45 and after repairing the downed wires on Meadow, we’re all in business again.
    I tried to get them to take it down the last time – this is the 3rd time in 5+ years but the Town and CL&P cant get it done.

  3. Another Cobber

    Still out on Cat Rock. This is getting old….

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    I still don’t have power. This is total BS. I have spent the last 3 days in my underwear dancing around the living room listening to Katy Perry tunes on the radio. You know who she is Dude? A real hottie with a killer rack.
    But we should do a radio show. You are not a mute, are you? The stuff on the air blows and we could do better.
    Your Pal,

  5. hmmm

    supposedly working on residential units, don’t know if it will ever happen…keeping fingers crossed….

    they have a pretty impressive client list.

  6. anon

    The noise from the generators is obnoxious. I was without power for about 5 hours on Sunday night, and even though it was 60 degrees outside and I could comfortably open the windows to sleep, I had to listend to the blaring noise from a few neighbors. Why do they need to run them all night?? There should be a law against those things

  7. Riverslide

    Agree re generators. They claim they need them for the sump pumps, but it is hard to believe they’ll be several feet deep in water if the generator is off for the night. I think they’re just showing off, or maybe it is the usual Fruedian desire to get attention by making noise.

    • Aw, I think you guys are being unduly harsh. These generators (the big ones, anyway) are not only running sump pumps, they keep the lights on, the freezer cold, and even the A/C (which i don’t have, but again, I envy those that do). Also, some of these homes, at least in my neighborhood, were vacant because the owners were on vacation. The generators switch on automatically when the power shuts off and don’t quit until electricity is restored. But yeah, they’re noisy and annoying, but not as annoying as having no electricity at my house. But I do enjoy sitting on my deck at midnight, even with a blackened house, and the noise disturbs the tranquility. Oh well, we’re back, and I just hope everyone else without power gets it back soon (except Walt, of course)..

  8. Anonymous

    Riverside…for your information without my generator, my basement would be 3′ deep in water – thank god for the genny. BTW, it also kept my beer cold!

  9. Anonymous


  10. Doots

    CL&P is ridiculous. They notified me that a tree company was coming to trim the trees in front of my house and the notice said if I objected to call a number (apparently you can do this). So I called the number on the notice and left a message that I wanted to discuss the proposed tree trimming… I wanted to discuss with them taking down a tree where power lines were going right through the major split in the trunk (such that the wires were surrounded by tree trunk on three sides). Instead of calling me back, they just “showed up” and started cutting trees (what happened to my right to object?) and when I asked the men who were working there why I wasn’t called back and oh by the way can you trim the one tree that is an actual problem? I was told to call another number….eventually CL&P told me they would call me to schedule an appt for their arborist to come out….of course they didn’t and I got a notice on my door a few days later from them saying that they didn’t think there was any need for any trimming or removal.

    So I spent the $ to remove it myself (I was doing other trees anyway) and I believe that when we did that we actually had to pay them a service fee…I mean, seriously?

  11. Owen

    Anon and Riverslide –
    I’ll turn my generator off for the night, if you come sleep in my basement.

  12. Fred2

    “The noise from the generators is obnoxious”

    The sad thing is most of them can be re-rigged with a car exhaust muffler pipe, rather than a glorified spark arrestor that most of them have,and then sound 5 to 20 DB quieter. ( and since DB are logarithmic that’s a LOT quieter.)

    An enclosure that directs noise up or absorbs a little, can do wonders too. So can placement where sound isn’t reflected

  13. EOS from Starbucks in Mt. Kisco

    Speaking on behalf of generators, I’d be crankier than my usual cranky-pants self without our humming Kohler. My corner of Bedford is still w/o – nothing, no TV, no internet, and cell service that comes in for a split second. I will say that the permit process here for generators is strict; the generator has to be Xfeet from an abutter and must be walled with fence or trees for both visual and acoustical buffering. They are loud, no getting around it, but for this lady, they are better than, um, er, chocolate???
    We’re being told no power back until Friday. My best friend in Greenwich is w/o – she on a small road off Zaccheus Mead.
    Glad you are back. Gotta run – am at head of line to order – grande soy chai, iced, please!

  14. Anonymous

    I concur with Owen. I’ll turn my generator off if you come over and wet vac my basement. For gods sake put some earplugs on for the 6 nights a year that you have to suffer from the noise. You should direct your hostility towards CL&P and be thankful you are alive with a roof over your head after what could have been a devastating storm.

  15. Mr. Independent

    The new generation of generators is relatively quiet. You just have wait until these old ones get replaced.