Here’s a relief

Our power came back on last night at 9, just in time to learn that the Yankees had defeated the Red Sox, and I worried that I’d unwittingly made a pact with the Devil, when I would gladly have suffered another day, were that the price. But apparently it was mere coincidence, because the Bronx Bombs lost tonight 9-5. Whew!

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  1. Just got our power back last night — Friday, Sept. 2 at 8:45 — after SIX DAYS! There were hoots and hollers and fireworks all around the neighborhood when the lights went on.

    I was never so happy to scrub the fridge, the kitchen floor, run the dishwasher, the washing machine — and especially flush a toilet. What bliss!

    Silver lining: Our happy family of four is still speaking to one another. In fact, our son exhibited new and wonderful talents as an expert mime while we played hours of Guesstures (like charades except you guess one word, e.g. smile or heat, instead of a phrase).

    My daughter’s first week of college at the state university was a hit, too. Her professors are amazing and so are her fellow students. She managed to put on a happy face while tackling no power at home (she commutes), and holding down a part-time job at Stop & Shop. We’re nothing but proud of her and impressed with her local campus.

    This in one for the family album.