I suppose the real students will find this disappointing

School opening delayed until next Wednesday. I was one of those who didn’t enjoy school until college and, later, law school, so this would have been the kind of news that I’d have rejoiced at, but I’m sure some bright kids are sorry. Oh well.


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14 responses to “I suppose the real students will find this disappointing

  1. Riverside or Bust

    Chris, you have it half right. Kids are rejoicing, but moms who were seeking a little bit of quiet time as Johnny and Jane head back to school are quite despondent. This too shall pass.

    • Yeah, Riverside, I did think of that, but since my kids are grown, I decided to go with the kids’ view (which is closer to my own, alas, even at 58). It’s sort of like getting my power back Tuesday night – suddenly I had lots of patience with CL&P : )

  2. XyzZy

    All the parents are pissed. For obvious reasons

  3. Walt

    Dudemeister –
    So I was posting earlier and I may have posted a half rant. So delete that, ok? You load.
    Anyhows, I got power back at 4:00 this morning. It scared the snot out of me. Lights on, music blasting, I had no idea what was going on. My time space continuum was all out of wack. Can you relate Dude?
    But anyways, I am now shit, showered and shaved. Back to normal!! You want to grab an ommlette?
    Your Pal,

  4. Al Dente

    I think Walt should have a shit omelet. He is a jerk.

  5. Anonymous

    This parent is not pissed. What I am pissed at is Greenwich schools starting before Labor Day. I grew up in NY and never started before Labor Day. How can NY have the same vacations as us and not have to start early.

    The summer should go until LD and kids should be able to enjoy. Starting before LD essentially cuts off 1.5 weeks with all the prep, etc.

    Kids are hHappy to enjoy a few more days of care free fun with no camp, vacations, etc. Playing manhunt, teams of two and what ever other game they make up.

  6. Greenwich Gal

    What is wrong, Al Dente? “Walt” is having some fun. At Everybody’s expense – but mostly CF’s. Half of everything he says is tongue in cheek. It is meant to be preposterous…You can’t be serious!

    • It’s almost all aimed at me, GG, and I find it funny and not at all hurtful (but I had to explain that to my youngest daughter last year, when she wanted to come back east and take out the mean guy picking on her dad!)

  7. send in the clowns

    I’m in the “summer is too long” camp and would rather have a 6 week summer and longer breaks mid-year. Almost all of the kids I know are bored to death and actually wanted to go back to school. Not everyone loves summer and lots of kids/families would prefer more time over the winter or spring breaks.
    So now instead of using this week as the “get organized and into the groove” time, we will spend next week doing so and not actually get any school work done until 9/12.

    • Send in the clowns: I suspect that part of the problem is that kids today are so programmed.While we used to have pick-up baseball games, or go fishing or grab a sailfish and go off sailing, today’s kids have travel team games, organized sports and lessons in every specialty and are programmed and scheduled within an inch of their life. Used to be, parents opend the dood, shooed the kids out and told them to come home for dinner. No more.

  8. Walt

    Dude –
    I hope you know it is all in good fun. I write satire. Some times it works. Sometimes it bombs. But it always takes a high intellect to get it. Which leaves Al Dente out. That frigging asshole.
    And as far as Sarah goes, I think she is a peach. I wouuld never do anything to offend her. You however, my friend, are fair game. As am I. Plus we’re seem to get each other. And not in that gay way. NNTAWWT. Plus I love GG.
    Your Pal,

  9. XYz

    Thank goodness for another week of summer fun! As Anonymous wrote, schools shouldn’t start until after Labor Day!

  10. Walt

    Dude Man –
    I am honored to be your friend. I have nothing else to say. You perv.
    Your Pal,