I’m actually off to show houses!

Post storm, still have buyers who are ready to go and if they are, then so am I (I accompany Cathy Farricker because she can actually be nice to people – I’ve always considered myself a pussy cat but I’ve learned over the years that I sometimes come across as a little harsh – not to clients, but occasionally to other agents. I just had to reassure an agent that if she’d check with her current and my former boss, she’d learn that I’m all bark, no bite. Cathy has this down so much better than me.



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9 responses to “I’m actually off to show houses!

  1. anon

    So how are you value added in this equation? Why does Cathy give you a cut of the commission?

  2. Just the Facts!

    Bottom feeders offering cash for houses 80% off market price that were hit by the hurricane???? Shame on you….tell them to go back to Florida.

    • If you knew the size of the offers some of my clients have offered and had rejected, you’d think it was the sellers who were idiots rather than my clients who were bottom feeding.

  3. Anonymous

    Go Cathy and Chris!

    Not yet too late to get an elk tag in some of the western states!

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    I have to ask you. Why would anybody buy Greenwich? I was tooling around today, charging up the gizmos and decided to go north. Westchester is frigging beautiful. Still lots of open space and horse farms.
    That witch Martha Stewart left Connecticut for New York. You think she is a dummy? She made a billion dollars making blueberry frigging muffins and putting old socks on soap dispensers. She knows something we don’t know.
    I stopped in her place to say hello. She wasn’t there. I dropped a duece and didn’t flush. I left a note from you.
    Your Pal,

  5. Do you also like to rub cat’s fur backwards?

  6. Just the Facts!

    Never underestimate the other guy’s greed…

  7. Greg – is there another way to do it?