I’ve always maintained that western civilization will commit suicide but it’s happening sooner than I thought

Germany, a manufacturing country, kills nuclear plants immediately and will rely on propeller beanies to power its industries.  Even environmentalists are appalled.


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4 responses to “I’ve always maintained that western civilization will commit suicide but it’s happening sooner than I thought

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    So I am thinking New Mexico. What do you think? We can get into that Zen crap and you may meet some hairy hippie chicks you know. Personally, I like them bald and bold.
    Anyhows, how much is my dirt pile worth? You think you can actually sell it? For real.
    I want to move by the place where they found the aliens. I need to branch out and speak to other aliens besides you.
    And I do see ads on my BB. You getting a cut of this?
    Your Pal,
    PS. – where is your other reader?

    • Walt – spent a summer in New Mexico researching a book. I think I eventually came to prefer Taos but had a great time in Sante Fe.I’d meet with historians and explore some historical sites then hit the mountains for 4-5 days, hiking alone. I’d come back, set up my tent in a state campground and head over to a spa with a huge hot tub on its roof where I’d soak out the grit and relax with a bunch of naked strangers – Texans with their wives or girl friends, gay opera lovers in town for that weekend’s production, and who knows who else? We’d watch the stars, talk of art, philosophy, business, politics and, although I never got laid (not til Taos, anyway) it was a wonderful time. I’d be there today if I could afford it and if my Ma didn’t need a little assistance, but if I live long enough, that’s where I intend to end my days. A great place.

  2. Krazy Kat

    Back to your post, the tragedy in Japan is being used by the anti-nuke crowd to kill off their best hope for energy independence. Now, they will have to rely on outside sources of coal, gas, etc.

    A left friend sent me that article this morning crowing about this being the beginning of a trend the will drive a stake in the heart of any further nuclear plants in the USA. Here is my response:

    “Really? You are happy about this? What happens when the nuke plants are shut down? Have you considered the replacement of that capacity? Where will the power come from? Source that you prefer? Or readily available source that are anathema to you, namely coal and gas?

    But more importantly, isn’t this German decision a bit hysterical?

    When was the last earthquake/tsunami to hit Germany or anywhere in western Europe? Never? I can’t find any evidence of such a combination in the annals of recorded history.

    When was the last earthquake of anything over a 5.5 in this region? Never? Well, not quite never but:


    Better question, to what degree are German nuke plans hardened against earthquakes? Richter 6.7 or more as is the industry standard? What are the odds of such a trembler in Germany?


    If this is all a harbinger of more moves away from nukes, then buy the shit out of gas and coal stocks as that is the only future for a developed society, especially over a short decade. Either that or candle makers.

    And get ready for a doubling or trebling of electricity prices which will have to “necessarily skyrocket” as said by our dear Obama.”

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Montana in summer, Fla Keys in winter. Side trips to BKK for diversion and Paris for food. Dat’s de ticket.